Top 6 Tools Every Marketer Doing PPC Should Try This Year

Top 6 Tools Every Marketer Doing PPC Should Try This Year

by Johnny S

Per-pay-click (PPC) tools are an unneglectable part of any campaign manager’s life. Tools aren’t just for managing work and tracking conversion. They are for staying organized better and improve your account performance. PPC campaigns are a great way to divert traffic towards you. Hence, you need to be well-versed with it. You can use the best site to teach yourself this or choose the simpler option of outsourcing. If you wish to put in the work yourself then, this article is for you.

Today I’m sharing my six most favourite PPC tools with you. Check out my list below, add these tools into your PPC toolbox.

Here’s our list of the top 6 tools every PPC marketer should use:

  • iSpionage 
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • SEMrush
  • Google Analytics
  • Google trend
  • SpyFu

Top 6 Tools Every Marketer Doing PPC Should Try This Year


iSpionage is a must-have app and easy to use. It enables you to see how many PPC ads your competitors are running, their durations, the keywords and more. This is a PPC tool that gives you valuable SEO data of your competitor. It helps you increase your conversion rate and grow more leads. This further helps you discover new opportunities and therefore, identify new campaigns and new advertisers. The proprietary ads effectiveness index score (AEI) of iSpionage help you write great ad drafts from the get-go and the right keyword group that would trigger them. This tool has an extremely large repository of landing page you can browse by industry, which can also be great for finding unknown competitors, which make them great assets to browse for ideas and inspiration for your campaigns.

Google Keyword planner

It’s an essential part of a PPC tool for keyword research. Google keyword planner is a mighty tool and has some immense benefits. This keyword planner is a free keyword research tool that gives you thousands of keywords with monthly search volumes. You just need a Google account. It gives you keyword data directly from Google. The Google Keyword Planner serves you with keyword ideas for your campaign, on a platter. Identify the most relevant keywords for your campaign with the Google keyword suggestion tool. This can help you shortlist your keyword list and get to the ones that are essential for you. This also lets you refine your list using categories related to the keywords you want. It recommends the most highly trafficked keywords instead of the niche opportunities you can find scrapebox and Google has more advertising data than any other.

Platform. Keyword planner allows you to directly tap into data l, even if the numbers change as you start to run your own ads.


SEMrush Is all in one marketing competitive research tool. This is one of the best tools to find valuable, detailed keyword and domain data. It gives you an organic search. This also enables you to scout how much your competition is spending on their ads. Companies and marketing professionals used as their go-to tool. This tool analyses the data for you and gives you an instant recommendation on the best path to follow regarding SEO, Content marketing and advertising that will help improve your visibility greatly. SEMrush is the golden tool for competitive research.

Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is the most used tool. It is easily the most used web analytics service available out there. This tool provides almost everything you need to track the effectiveness of PPC campaigns and website performance. Users can create and review their online campaigns by constantly tracking the quality of the landing page and the conversions. Google Analytics gives you essential insights you need to be ready and smarter insights to improve your marketing decisions and get better. The Adwords interface is great at showing your cost and click data, but how will do you figure out what visitors do after landing on your page? That’s where Google Analytics work.

Google Trends

Google Trends is one of the most known PPC tools. A PPC marketeer consults this tool for adjusting his or her campaigns to meet the demand that is present in the season. You can compare the different keywords, and it can give you a relative level of interest in a specific keyword. Google search trend data can be very useful for the marketer. Use to learn what people in your target market are searching for information about. If you pinpoint a good topic for your campaign, you’ve checked said topic with Google Trends. It gives a relevant word to boost your campaign and Keep up with the latest trend. Stay updated with the latest trend.


SpyFu has some amazing and useful features. SpyFu has lists of the keywords that websites are buying on Google Ads. This has the capability to download all of your competitor’s keywords. SpyFu is the master of competitor analysis. Keeps track of every domain biding on your google ads. Notice changes in the ad over time.

Browse your competitor’s campaign. It helps to create more opportunities and make you understand what works for you. It is simple to use and avoid mistakes. You get to compare the keyword research capabilities, and can also judge the competitive analysis of the various platforms. While SpyFu may not have as many features as SEMrush, it runs 3-6 cheaper and definitely covers anything that a marketeer would need to know about.

After thorough research, these are some of the best PPC tools that have been shortlisted by us. Your choice needs to be done among these by reading about them and any other salient features that they might have. From all of that data decide what suits you best and easiest. When all these considerations have been made, take your pick.

Hope this article helped, all the best!

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