How to Market Your Local Jewellery Brand

How to Market Your Local Jewellery Brand

by Daisy M

Starting your own business can be very difficult when it comes to marketing. Some people know how to do it themselves and others will get a marketing team to do it for them. Your business is either really good and unique or you have got an excellent marketing team to get your business out there. There are plenty of reasons why the internet should be part of your business so, here are some digital marketing tips that can help you out. 

Create Your Own Website

Nearly every business out there will have its website and you should have one for your jewellery business. Social media and Google are the two main ways that most of us will find out about a business. So, creating a website will offer a one-stop-shop for everything a customer needs about your website, and it can also be optimised to be more visible in search engines. Planting keywords on your site is a good way to get your website ranking amongst your competitors when you know how to do it properly. 

Your customers need to know about your business and what type of service you offer. For example, if you sell products like emerald rings then they will want to know about the price and the background behind them, as well as the different sizes that you offer to your customers. Offering detailed information about your products is a good way of connecting with the customers.

Having content on your pages is a good way to optimise your site properly and give the customers the information they need. This is another good way of getting your business to rank well on Google. Writing blogs is one way to a content for your site which you can share through your social media. There are plenty of CMS’s (content management systems) so shop around to see which works best for your website.

How to Market Your Local Jewellery Brand

Create a Google Business Profile

Technology is getting very advanced and the world is becoming a lot more digital than it was 15  or 20 years ago. It can be difficult to keep up with the constant updates that we are given. However, although it is difficult, you should not avoid using technology for your business. 

Google is like YellowPages, but online. Having a Google My Business profile will help people find all the information that they need to get into contact with you. It will show your location, have a contact number and take them to your website amongst other things. It is important to verify your business with Google because it shows that you can be trusted. This is a simple thing you can do to effectively advertise your jewellery brand

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) 

Digital marketing is one of the most important things to do for your jewellery business. Search engine optimisation is what gets your website ranking on Google. For example, if people are searching for vintage jewellery and that is what your business sells, then you will want to rank at the number one spot. This is so people see you first and click on your website to get your product. It is popular for businesses to use SEO and is something you should get on board with as well, especially small businesses that are targeting a specific area. 

Your business must be on the number one page because nobody clicks on the second page for a product they want. Placing keywords on main pages is one way that you can improve your Google rankings so it is something you should do. There are many other ways to increase organic traffic so make sure that you research all the possible ways to do it, or seek professional help. 

Create Social Media Accounts Relevant To Your Business

Social media is a great way to market your business and it is very simple to do. Managing social media accounts for your business can be a very good way to get people to find more about it, not to mention it is free as well or can be done for minimum prices with the help of social media marketing companies like SOCIIC. There are also paid advertising options if that is something you have a budget for. It just depends on what you want to spend your money on when it comes to marketing. 

Having social media accounts with Facebook and Instagram are great for people to see what you do as well as find a way to contact you. It is also a fantastic way to build your brand awareness. 

There are plenty of social media platforms out there such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat. Clothing brands use Instagram and Facebook a lot so utilising these platforms to advertise your jewellery brand could be a fantastic way to connect with your audience and encourage them to make a purchase. 

Create a Google Ad

We talked about how SEO is great for ranking your website, however you can pay to be at the top of SERPs (search engine results pages) as well. SEO is a very long term task and takes a while to get going properly, but if you want to instantly make an impact then Google Ads will be the perfect way to do it. You can also target certain audiences as well which is another good thing about it. 

They need quite a bit of work to set as well so it is best if you get a proper digital marketing team to set these up for you. These will reach your target audience and the ones that are searching for a certain product or service. 

Online Directories

These are very easy to set up if you have the know-how and can be done pretty much instantly. It can also reach your audience locally and aim for the target audience that you want to reach. This is not the best for digital marketing but because of how quick you can do it, you might as well use it for your business. This is a simple way of adding something else to your digital marketing strategy. 


There are plenty of ways that you should consider getting your business out there with digital marketing, not to mention that there are plenty of free ways to go about it. If you want to promote your business quickly, then digital marketing is the way forward for you and your jewellery business. The main priority is getting a website that is user friendly for your customers to most effectively advertise your jewellery brand

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