The College Application Process: What You Need to Know

The College Application Process: What You Need to Know

by Johnny S

Applying to a college, master’s or postgraduate diploma program can be intimidating if you have never done it before, or if it has been a number of years since you last engaged with higher education. However, with a little planning, prep and organization, you will find that the college application process can actually be fairly quick and manageable. Keep reading to learn more about how you can best prepare for the college application process and write a successful application.

Speak with the experts

One of the most important things to do is to first do your research on the school and the program – is this program really something that interests you, and if yes, why? What about the professors interests you? What is unique about the university that draws you to it? What kind of support is offered to students? Answering all of these questions and any others that you have will help you to write your application process because you will already know exactly what interests you about the program, the school and the professors.

Many schools also offer prospective students the chance to speak with current students, faculty or administrators in order to learn more about what the day-to-day reality of the program is like. The Wilkes University application process is made easy by the support offered to prospective students. Students who are interested in the innovative, flexible programs at Wilkes University can speak with admissions counsellors and learn more about the program, the courses available, and the potential career paths that the course opens up.

The College Application Process: What You Need to Know

Get organized early

All of the important dates relating to the application process should be listed on the program’s website. Take note of all of the significant dates and deadlines involved in the process and set periodic notifications for yourself so that you will have continual reminders. One of the most frustrating feelings is missing out on something just because you forgot about it or got a date wrong, so it is worth getting all of your ducks in a row early on.

Try to maintain perspective throughout the Process

It is easy to lose yourself in the college application process and let it take over your life. Returning to education can be extremely stressful, competitive and fraught with unresolved feelings. In fact, the feelings of stress and hyper-competition in education are what led many wealthy, famous Americans to bribe school administrators at top universities to get their children into the schools.

The college application process is undoubtedly stressful, but it is a good idea to take steps to manage the stress and anxiety you feel while applying. Ensure that you finish your application well before the deadline so that you have time to review your work, and make sure that you practice self-care in small ways throughout the process to boost your mental and emotional health. You do not want the application process to make you feel totally drained and demoralized so that you do not have enough energy for the year ahead.

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