Pros and Cons Of Remarketing Campaigns

Pros and Cons Of Remarketing Campaigns

by Johnny S

There are many ways to boost your business or brand’s image and presence when promoting it online. As the internet and social media have connected people in almost any part of the world, they have become pools of potential customers and a medium of endless possibilities. Of course, sometimes there’s a need to advertise specific products/services to a particular audience only, and this is where remarketing ad campaign tactics come to play.

Like any other online advertising technique, this also has its fair share of its positive and negative effects on your business and customers. In this article, we’ll explain how remarketing ad campaigns work and what are their pros and cons. Let’s dive in!

Pros and Cons Of Remarketing Campaigns

What is Remarketing?

A remarketing ad campaign lets you display ad/s to an audience who have already visited your website or mobile app not long ago. Whenever visitors browse your website or app and eventually leave it without purchasing something, a remarketing campaign can help you reconnect with them by showing ads throughout their different devices similar to those they have previously browsed before.

This is why you can observe certain ads reappearing and somewhat displaying businesses or brands you have browsed or similarly looked up for in the past. Remarketing ad campaigns help you advertise specific products or services only to particular customers, in order to boost your business presence online and keep it in the vicinity of your potential customers, even if they have drifted away from your website or app.

Most remarketing campaigns take place on Google’s Display Network or Bing’s paid search network when users search something on these giant search engines. It utilizes data from small snippet codes such as tracking pixels and marketing tags to deliver personalized ads to potential customers who have already visited a website or post-click landing pages that have not yet converted.   


●    High Chances of Sale

There is a bigger chance that people going back to your website or sales page will actually buy the product or service they have once just thought of buying. All of this is because of an ad reminding them about what they have searched and looked up for not too long ago. The more they see what interests them, the bigger the chances they’ll eventually buy it.

●    It Can Save You Money

Yes, you read it right. Compared to regular PPC ads targeting a broad audience right from the get-go (or banner ads used on platforms such as Ads-Supply, PropellerAds, etc.), when done and properly targeted, remarketing ad campaigns can be much more cost-effective, and convert better.


●    Privacy Issues

Personalized ads targetting a specific audience might cause the impression that your business or brand follows the users in every move they make. Internet users value their privacy so much that if they notice unusual things popping up their screens, they might storm away from your website. Seeing the same ads can freak out many people, which might make them get the wrong, negative impression of your business or brand.

●    Annoyance    

What if these repetitive ads get into your audience’s nerves? They will then try their best to block your ads and stay away from anything related to your products or services. Annoyed users can even find ways to block and adjust ad preferences on their social media accounts, just to get off this kind of marketing. When this happens, not only will you lose potential customers, but some of them also may speak ill about how your brand has infected their browsing and surfing experience online.

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