Out of Time? 4 Tasks Your Small Business Can Outsource

Out of Time? 4 Tasks Your Small Business Can Outsource

by Brooke

A small business by its very definition is limited in many resources, including time and money. To maintain a healthy operating budget, some tasks can be outsourced to professional companies that specialize in that particular service. This tactic often costs less than hiring, training, and maintaining employees to handle the work in-house. Here are common services that outsourcing businesses may be able to provide more economically and effectively than the limited employees of small businesses.

Accounts Receivable Management

Managing a company’s receivable accounts is an important and time-consuming task. Duties for accounts receivable management may include invoicing, collections, and tracking account data on a routine basis as well as for monthly or quarterly reports. Maintaining up-to-date records that are suitable for company purposes as well as for potential future audits is a time-consuming task, which is why it is best left to the professionals.


Although payroll software is widely used by many organizations, it is still usually easier to outsource payroll operations to a company that specializes in this service. Payroll is complex and is a top employee priority, so it is essential that the payment process is handled efficiently and accurately by people who know what they are doing. Vacation, sick days, bonus or flex time, and special absences for jury duty or family leave must be factored into the payroll process. Instead of training a regular employee to handle these additional duties, they can be shifted to an external company that can perform payroll services in a stable and reliable manner.


Transcription may also be handled by another company at an affordable cost. One or more individuals working from home can also provide prompt transcription turnaround by using specialty software and equipment that makes it both fast and convenient. Audio files can be transmitted electronically and transcribed either digitally or in print, and then they can be returned to your small business in the same format. Transcription experts have the skill and tools to professionally organize documents and files to your company’s specifications.

Janitorial and Maintenance

Cleaning services for a business are often contracted to outside companies, which may be business organizations or individuals working as independent contractors. Using industry-specific tools and products, they can efficiently maintain a clean, safe, working environment for everyone in the company. They can also keep the external premises and reception areas looking neat and clean as well so regular employees don’t have to do these tasks.

Outsourcing specialized services is a great way to ensure professional results while controlling costs and focusing regular employees’ talents on their regular work. Consider working with outside organizations to keep your operations in good working order.

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