4 Ways to Keep Your Business Safe and Secure During Holiday Breaks

4 Ways to Keep Your Business Safe and Secure During Holiday Breaks

by Brooke

It’s hard to relax and enjoy the holidays when you are plagued with worry about the safety of your business. There are always risks to leaving a storefront, office or warehouse unattended, but most of them can be managed with a bit of planning and diligence. Keeping your business safe over an extended break doesn’t have to break the bank, but there are a few small investments that can provide a lot of value.

Adjust Automated Security Systems

Many business owners protect their property with some sort of automated security measures. Systems maybe internal ones that sound an alarm or send an alert, while others connect directly to a 24/7 managed service. Customers of managed security services should contact their provider to update them of their holiday schedule. Owners should also check the scheduling and protocols of automated alarms or other equipment to ensure they are on appropriate settings before locking up.

Lock Everything Up

The weeks leading up to a long holiday can be a good time to contact an expert locksmith. Even if you just fasten the doors when leaving each night, extended breaks require a bit more attention. Every possible entry, including windows and service access points, should be securely fastened. Installing backups, like deadbolts or padlocks, can also deter forced entry of an unattended building.

Test All Equipment

The days leading up to the holiday break are a good time to test every lock, window and light around the building. Fresh bulbs in a few well-placed external flood lights can be an extremely effective deterrent to break-ins and vandalism. It’s also a good idea to take this opportunity to check smoke alarms and security cameras around the building.

Coordinate with Employees

A single miscommunication or forgetful moment can become a huge problem. Alarms that aren’t set can’t alert anyone and a single unlocked door renders the whole building vulnerable. Business owners need to communicate carefully with key employees about closing and checking all security measures before going on a long break. When possible, multiple trusted team members should conduct a thorough joint assessment before leaving for the holiday.

There are dozens of ways you can invest in the safety of your business over a holiday vacation. Optimal security ultimately depends on the risk of loss, so owners have to balance the probability and potential severity of losses with the time and cost of additional preventative measures.

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