Managing Safe Lists and Email Marketing Campaigns

Managing Safe Lists and Email Marketing Campaigns

by Philip P

Almost everyone who is in business on the Internet is involved in some form of email advertising. Here are some tips when dealing with safe lists and bulk emails.

The first thing you need to do is sign up for a free email account. Yahoo and Gmail are the most popular. This email address will be the one you use when signing up for safe lists or bulk email sites. You will need a separate email account for this because you will be agreeing to get ads in emails as well. You don’t need those ads junking up your every day email account.

When I look for safe lists or bulk email sites to advertise my business I focus on one thing. Getting a company that allows me to become an affiliate and earn my sign-up costs back. I like to run my business with as little expenses as possible and I don’t mind putting the money out if I am fairly certain I can earn it back.

The first bulk email company I signed on with is called E-mailblasters. The sign-up cost was $26 for life. I am free to send a new message each and every day for the rest of my life. That seemed like a good deal to me. E-mailblasters pays $10 per sale, so sell 3 subscriptions and you have not only made your money back, but turned a profit as well. What I love about E-mailblasters is that they save your messages. No need to retype day after day. You still have the freedom to change your messages whenever you choose. I like to stick with the same message for one week at a time. Another great thing about E-mailblasters is the choice to send your message in text format or html format.

The first safe list company I signed up for was Topsafelist. I chose Topsafelist because of their low $12 fee. Unlike E-mailblasters this subscription is only good for one year, and not for life. As an affiliate for Topsafelist you can earn $6.00 per sale. So it only takes 2 subscription sales to earn your money back and use Topsafelist for free. You can send one message per day. The only thing I don’t like about Topsafelist is that it doesn’t save your messages. I copy my message from E-mailblasters and then paste it into Topsafelist so I don’t have to retype anything.

To recap: get a separate email account, and look for companies with a decent sign-up fee and affiliate program. If you are unsure of any company don’t be afraid to visit the BBB’s website and check it out.

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