Using SMS Marketing To Grow Your Business

Using SMS Marketing To Grow Your Business

by Ryan

The marketing landscape has changed drastically over the past couple of decades, especially as different marketing avenues have opened up. The rise of the mobile phone in the 1990s was a huge change, and it opened up a very important channel for companies to get word out about their products. People could now send SMS messages to each other, and companies soon realised that there was a great deal of marketing potential in using the mobile phone as a means of marketing. Fast forward to 2007, when the first smartphone was unveiled by Steve Jobs at an Apple event.

This is arguably the most significant technological product to have been released in the past decade or so. The smartphone allows you to consume media through a small screen from anywhere in the world. You can now get information about the latest deals, products, and virtually anything else at the tap of a finger. Today, the mobile phone is an integral part of any person’s life; businessmen use it to remain in contact with each other, check stocks news, and make important deals. Social media users need smartphones to quickly access apps, upload videos, and share photos. In fact, a recent survey showed that the number of people who access the Internet using their smartphones is greater than those who access it through their desktops and laptops. Since people use their smartphones so frequently, it only makes sense from a commercial point of view that you use it to market your products and services!

Using SMS Marketing To Grow Your Business

How to Market Your Products via SMS

One of the reasons why SMS marketing is so popular is simply because it is extremely easy to execute. All you have to do is purchase an online program that allows you to send bulk SMS messages to different numbers, and then get started! You will need to upload a database of mobile phone numbers in the software program before you can blast SMS out to a potential audience. You can either compile a database of active phone numbers on your own, or you can purchase a pre-compiled database from any marketing agency.

Tips on Writing Your Message

People are accustomed to receiving hundreds of SMS messages in a day, many of which are about products and services. Most people don’t even read these message and delete them altogether. So, you need to be a bit more careful and think what you are going to write in your message.

Regardless of what you write, it is imperative that you keep it short and sweet. Nobody is going to scroll through your message if it is more than 300 characters long. Try to keep the message short, simple, and to the point, and make sure that you provide contact details at the end so people are able to follow up on the message. If a person is interested in what you have to offer, they will simply use the contact information provided to get in touch with your company or place an order.

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