The “Ins and Outs” Of Selecting The Best Filing Cabinet For You

The “Ins and Outs” Of Selecting The Best Filing Cabinet For You

by Ryan

Proper office décor is one of the most important, yet overlooked elements of effective office management. There are few things more important than a first impression in any setting, which is especially true for the corporate world. You always want potential clients to feel impressed and assured from the second they walk in the door, and having a cohesive, office-chic look to your space is a great way to do so. At the same time, the individual elements of office décor tend to get lost in the shuffle. While the overall effect of a well-decorated room can be clear, not too many people come away from an office space ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the wallpaper or rug—or filing cabinets.

Even so, quality filing cabinets can be incredibly critical to the overall working efficiency of any office space. That said, not all filing cabinets are created equal, and this quick guide can help you determine what to look for before buying a set.

Texture and Colour

We tend to view filing cabinets as pretty utilitarian items, and while that’s certainly true, it doesn’t hurt to spare a moment to think about how your cabinets are going to fit into your overall office décor. Due to their utilitarian nature, filing cabinets don’t have to be too flashy, and tend to work best when they blend seamlessly into the background of your office setup.

The “Ins and Outs” Of Selecting The Best Filing Cabinet For You

That said, some options, such as Bisley filing cabinets, put a premium on both minimalist design as well as high storage capacity. Cabinets such as these can boast lovely woodgrain, tough coffee, or elegant cream exterior designs while still keeping your most critical documents safe and neatly stored.

Storage Capacity and Capabilities

One of the most important features of any filing cabinet is the lock. You don’t want just anyone getting into your most precious papers, which is why the best filing cabinets all boast dependable, tested locks.

Of course, the true hallmark of a good filing cabinet, as you might expect, is its storage capacity and ability to keep your paperwork safe and neatly organised. Such organisation can be accomplished in a variety of ways. For example, some models make use of a fully-welded carcase, which makes for an all-in-one build, and can prove sturdier than cabinets which are assembled piecemeal. Label holders are another must-have, allowing you to clearly identify each drawer. You’ll also want to look into obtaining a cabinet which features a foolscap suspension filing system. This allows you to suspend pouches, dividers, and other organisational necessities within those cabinets, allowing you to keep documents neatly separated and organised while maximising the overall space available in each cabinet. Finally, you’ll want to consider just how large a filing cabinet you want and need, and sizes from tiny two-deck desk cabinets to larger, multi-tier filing cabinets are readily available.

Don’t let your office paperwork and décor fall into disarray. Search online for a filing cabinet to fill out your office space whilst keeping your papers safe today!

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