How To Make Your Shipping Processes Safer

How To Make Your Shipping Processes Safer

by Shae H

Shipping is a challenge for any business regardless of what you ship, and how often you do. There are many risks that com along with shipping including thefts and losses that can occur when shipping is done by truck, boat or airplane. Property damage is also common due to warehouse accidents and vehicle crashes or accidents. You want your shipments to arrive safely, but also avoid these common risks. Review the tips below to ensure your shipping is done safely.

How To Make Your Shipping Processes Safer

Pack Shipments Carefully

Some shipments become dangerous when materials break off and fall apart. Pack each shipment carefully, especially if it’s fragile or contains glass or flammable materials. If boxes are sloppily thrown together, the contents are at greater risk of getting broken. Keep shipping safer when you avoid overloading the cargo. Do not exceed the weight limits to save time or money. Heavy falling cargo could cause serious injuries to workers and to your shipments.

Invest in Shipping Technology

Logistics has become more advanced and more accurate with new technologies and systems. As a result, shippers have prevented many thefts, and the average company saves thousands of dollars each year. As a modern shipper, you should use computers, tracking software, and GPS navigation systems to track your shipments.

Prevent thefts by using inventory software to maintain lists. Use password authentication to prevent unauthorized people from making changes. Use GPS navigation to find safer shipping routes for your drivers, especially when they go out at night. Logistics technology makes shipping safer and easier for all workers.

Hire Safe Drivers

In the shipping industry, it is common for companies to hire employees that handle driving semi-trucks, operate forklifts, and unload merchandise. The biggest dangers are accidents that involve delivery and semi-trailer trucks. Have your drivers train in safe driving regularly. This way, you’ll prevent truck accidents that are caused by lack of experience, driver’s fatigue, and sleep deprivation. Be sure they are properly licensed and qualified for the work.

Shippers make the common mistake of assigning any route to any driver. Assign the most dangerous routes to the most experienced drivers. Overall, know the skills and capabilities of all your drivers and use their strengths to your own advantage.

Keep Areas Clean

You may not have to be shipping toxic liquids to find toxins in common shipping areas. Shippers use the same shipping containers to carry hundreds of different items like farm animals or office equipment. You don’t know what different trucks or containers have been used for, so have your workers maintain cleanliness where they work. Have a sanitation procedure in place, and be sure you train workers properly.

Without the shipping industry, many products would not appear on the stores’ shelves. It is a massive trade exchange, which means thefts and accidents occur often. Monitor your shipping processes closely to keep the work safe and efficient.

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