How Home Technologies Are Getting Greener

How Home Technologies Are Getting Greener

by Shae H

Green technologies are designed to reduce adverse effects of human activity on the environment and help create more sustainable practices for the future. Most of today’s green technology equipment is specifically designed to make lives easier by either saving time, economic costs, or conserving energy. For the everyday home, there are quite a number of great green technologies that can help you do your part and make a difference.

How Home Technologies Are Getting Greener

Solar Water Heater

This device captures heat radiated from the sun to heat available water at your home. It works by collecting energy through the solar panels or directly using the sun’s heat. The solar water heater is different from the conventional water heaters that operate by use of electricity or natural gas power. This heater is efficient as it saves you time and money and as long as it stays in a sunny place, you won’t be short of hot water, even on the coldest day.

Geothermal Heat Pump

Most energy in our homes is needed to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. A green technology such as a geothermal heat pump can help regulate temperature without using these precious resources. The regular central heating apparatus found in most homes regulate the temperatures by exchanging the air inside to that outside the house. This is not the most efficient method, since at certain times, the air outside can equal the temperature of the air inside the house. A Geothermal heat pump works in a similar manner, but the heat exchange gadget is installed underground where temperatures tend to be more stable. This system reduces by 30 to 40 percent the costs of heating and cooling that you would incur by use of regular heat equipment.

Rain Barrel

This seemingly old-fashioned device collects water from rain that can be used around your home for outdoor water usage. Barrels usually have a spigot located at its bottom and are usually placed at a heightened position to give extra pressure while the water drains from the hose. The water collected can be used for gardening and other outdoor use. Instead of using up ground water, make use of the natural resources already provided by using this gadget.

Wash Pads

This technology is installed by the US Hydrotech Environmental Solutions to help filter and recycle water that is used around your home to clean, or from the bathroom. Water is passed through the wash pads which contain layers of filtration media. The water is cleared of debris, detergents, and soap without any use of chemical treatment and can be recycled. Make use of the water you already have by using this treatment.

Automated Technology

Today, more automated technologies are being introduced into our homes. While you may think of them as mostly time-saving advantages, appliances run by an app or online somehow can also be a great way to save energy and money. Thermostat control from a distance can help you control energy output and temperature while no one is home. Even home alarm system installation is made easy with solar-powered alarms and surveillance cameras that save energy by turning off when not needed.

Dual Flush Toilet

This system is convenient as it enables you to save water all over your home without you doing much. The toilet is installed with two different flush selections, one for the liquid waste and the other for solid waste. Less amount of water is required to flush liquid waste than solid waste allowing you to save the extra water. Though used regularly in many corporate buildings and offices, they can be used in residential homes as well.

Many American homes and families are putting a greater focus on green technologies and sustainable processes than ever before. While change should come from the top, where agriculture and big companies use most resources, we can all do our part to save water, electricity, and other resources whenever possible.

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