Desalination Water Treatment Solutions for the Oil And Gas Industries

Desalination Water Treatment Solutions for the Oil And Gas Industries

by Ryan

Desalination plays an important role in the various processes in oil and gas industries. Most industries including oil and gas industries require clean water in order to carry out the operation efficiently. Desalination can efficiently filter away the salt and other contaminants to make the saline water become fit for use in industrial processes. Desalination is able to provide a more stable source of clean water for the many different applications that take place in oil and gas industries compared to other fresh water sources. It is able to produce high quality water supply continuously for the oil and gas operations.

Many oil and gas factories have installed their own desalination facilities to carry out the desalination water treatment process themselves. The oil and gas water treatment solution features high energy efficiency and will help you to reduce the use of energy in the processes whenever possible. A durable desalination water treatment solution will be made from high quality materials and able to withstand all kinds of harsh weather.

Desalination is able to consistently deliver high quality water with low maintenance so there is no need to worry about the maintenance cost. The compact size of the water treatment solution makes it is easy to install in the oil and gas factories. You can use remote control to control its operation. Desalination is able to handle the saline solutions even if it has a high amount of solids.

Desalination water treatment solution is suitable for various types of natural gas sectors whether it is on-shore or offshore. The desalination company possesses the technology to discharge the concentrated brine appropriately by causing the least impact possible to the environment. The water is disposed according to the requirement of the water disposal regulation of the government. The compact size of the oil and gas water treatment solutions makes it environmentally friendly.

Examples of desalination plants that specifically provide gas and oil water treatment solutions are The Wintershall project that is operating in the Eimlichheim Oil Field as well as Reliance and Essar in India. The high efficiency of the desalination process in recycling water is able to help the oil and gas factories to reduce the cost.

Desalination process is recover back only half of the water after removing the salt. During desalination, the clean water will flow into another container. The dirty water with high level of concentrated brine will be separated from the clean water in another container. The permeable membrane is responsible for capturing the salt solids and other solids in the sea water during the desalination filtration process. It is able to handle a high level of salinity and remove various types of particles. Some of the particles that reverse osmosis desalination water treatment solution can remove are organics, sulfate, silica, and leads.

Desalination is an energy hogging process with large cost but the recent improvement on the technology has helped to reduced the energy input for carrying out the process. The improvement in desalination technology has helped to reduce over half of the energy input that is required for the process.

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