Contact a Private Lender for a Business Loan if the Banks Say No

Contact a Private Lender for a Business Loan if the Banks Say No

by Ryan

Running a company successfully has never been easy, but in this increasingly competitive world, it’s now harder than ever. As a business owner, you face a tremendous amount of pressure on a daily basis to keep your company afloat because, after all, your employees’ livelihoods and your salary depend on it. Unfortunately, new businesses pop up on a constant basis, many of which provide direct competition to yours. Sometimes, it seems like there’s nothing you can do to get your business back on top, but it often just requires some smart investments.

Unfortunately, the banks won’t always help when you need a business loan. For starters, unless you’ve been established for years and can prove you’ve been profitable for most of them, your application might not even be considered. Second, banks rarely grant loans worth more than $50,000, and that might simply not be enough for you to make the required investments to give your company a boost. Finally, banks almost certainly won’t grant loans to companies with bad credit, but fortunately, a private lender may be able to help.

If you need a business loan and the banks won’t do anything to help, a private lender may end up being your saving grace. Even if you’re a start-up with little to no credit history, a private lender may consider giving you the cash you need to make a name for yourself. Keep reading below to find out more about this type of loan from a private lender to see whether it’s something that could be worthwhile for you.

Contact a Private Lender for a Business Loan if the Banks Say No

Business Loans from Private Lenders

Some people just give up when the banks refuse their loan application, but there is another way to get cash that often goes unconsidered. If you have a bad credit history but still need a cash injection, a private lender might be able to help. Here’s some more information about bad credit business loans:

  • Flexible repayment plans – It can often be difficult to work out a repayment plan that works for you because the banks are so worried about losing cash. However, a private lender will work with you to make a realistic plan, and repayments can often be spread over three years.
  • Loans for start-ups – As mentioned above, banks usually won’t provide loans to new companies that can’t prove their credit history or guarantee to be profitable, but a private lender will often be able to provide a loan regardless of your business’s age.
  • Fast approval – Everybody knows how difficult the process of applying for a bank loan can be, and you might have to wait for months before you see any cash in your account. Fortunately, a private lender can often approve your loan in a matter of hours and have the cash in your account the very same day.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Don’t give up on your company just because the banks have refused your loan application when you could get the money you need from a private lender instead. Plus, as you can see from the information above, it’s often more beneficial to borrow from a private lender than a bank.

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