Affordable Virtual Office Services For The Small Business

Affordable Virtual Office Services For The Small Business

by Ryan

Creating and maintaining the right image is important for any small business and a prestigious address is something that used to be beyond most small businesses, but with virtual office services, you can have all the trappings of a large company, without the cost. For those who are unfamiliar with the term “virtual office”, it is a cyber office environment that uses technology to create essential services, such as a prestigious office address, telephone answering and message taking services, and also the use of a conference room when required.

Virtual Office Services

There are a range of services for the small business, which include the following:

  • Virtual Receptionist  Any incoming calls will be answered by a professional receptionist who is fully briefed on the client’s business and this is achieved by transferring the call to the virtual office’s call centre. The caller would be unaware of this and as far as they are concerned, their call was answered promptly and efficiently by your secretary or assistant. There are online companies offering virtual offices in Sydney and other important business locations across Australia.
  • Business Address  Having a business address in a prestigious area is definitely an impressive addition to any business, and with mail and fax forwarding services, you will always keep your finger on the pulse. The service also includes signing for and storing packages until you are ready to collect them.
  • Message Taking  You can rely on the professional message taking service which can be relayed by SMS, phone, fax, or email, whichever the client prefers. Instructions are given to the receptionists regarding your products or services, and should you wish to update important information, one call to the virtual office manager and it is done.
  • Telephone Diversion  This allows a person to use a prestigious number in the Sydney area, for example, while the call can be instantly transferred to your mobile or any other landline, which is ideal. Virtual offices in Sydney give small businesses the right image, which makes all the difference in the world of commerce.
  • Signage If you want to create the impression you have offices, the company can arrange for signage in your company name, along with conference room facilities, which enable you to hold business meetings in your own office.
  • Meeting Room Hire  If you manage an aggressive sales team and would like to hold weekly meetings, it is possible to rent the room and all the equipment for a block of hours. This is far cheaper than using a hotel, which is very costly. Having the use of such facilities is a big plus for any business, as even in the digital world we live in, face to face meetings are sometimes essential, and to be able to do this in your own offices, gives your business associates confidence that they are dealing with a leading company.

A cyber-office doesn’t cost a fortune and it allows even the smallest organisation to project a successful image, which is why many entrepreneurs are benefitting from virtual office services.

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