5 Sure-fire Ways To Extend Life Of Metal Cutting Tools

5 Sure-fire Ways To Extend Life Of Metal Cutting Tools

by Ryan

Metal cutting tool is a primary requirement in the machining process. Not only does it helps in cutting, but also for polishing the surface of machines. It is so important that a metalworking industry can’t even imagine executing their work efficiently. It is because these metal cutting tools are used for manufacturing heavy machines.

When a business person takes a glance into the concept of extending the life of metal cutting tools, the first thing that comes to his/her mind is reduction of costs. Apparently, when you take certain steps for its durability, there won’t arise any chance to buy them again and again. Once bought it, would prove to be a significant investment for the technical people.

Classification of Cutting Tools

We all know that the use of these implements is not sole. It is used for varied purposes. Accordingly, its types are classified into various categories.

  • Linear– broaches, lathe
  • Rotary – milling cutters, drill bits, cold saw blades, grinding wheels
  • Combination of Linear and rotary– hacksaw blades, bandsaw blades, fly cutters

These are three primary classified cutting tools that include many of its types. It is used for threading, boring, reaming, hole-making, turning tools and much more. If you want to lay your hands on any of it, then browsing through penntoolco.com would introduce you a broad spectrum of its collection. Apart from providing tools which are strong and durable, it also offers various milling machines, automotive and precision measuring instruments.

1.Control Heat: One of the major reasons behind a quicker breakdown of the metal cutting tools is the heat. And it is something natural that no one can stop. It is evident to generate heat with a friction of two metals rubbing each other. But, reducing it is surely possible.

If you want to increase the life of cutting tools, then it is advisable to use oil or any lubricant. By doing so, less friction is made between the surfaces of two metals. Consequently, it would be a great savior to control heat generation and protect your objects from getting damaged.

2.Edge Preparation: Cutting tools are bound to lose its sharpness after some years. When more pressure is implied for carving or shaping a machine, the bluntness of the equipment sometimes ends up breaking it down. To avoid this damage, it becomes imperative to look out for its edges. Preparing it now and then would eventually improve its sharpness and become more efficient for its use.

3.Design: The life of cutting tools is entirely dependent on its design. If it is manufactured correctly, then there are high chances to get the most out of it. It should be designed in such a way that it delivers better potential to remove metal with less strain on the spindle.

4.Chips: If certain steps are taken to control the flow of chips, then it would positively impact the life of metal cutting tools. Doing so, you would minimize the risk of its failure.

5.Coating: Applying a coat on it can help you reduce risk of the failure of cutting tools. As coating its surface can prevent from damaging through overheat or chips, it is preferable to cover it with either CVD or PVD. Among these two coatings, the former one is considered to be effective as it is thicker than the later.

Sometimes we underestimate the significance of small things such as metal cutting tools. At least a person involved in metalworking industry should understand that even these basic implements make a great difference in their work. Get inspired by the sure-fire tips that are mentioned above and boost the life of metal cutting tools. This way not only will you be able to save money, but also increase the efficiency of the tools. Moreover, when you have smooth hands on the tools, it would be helpful to get the most out of it.

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