What You Should Know About A London Based Branding Agency

What You Should Know About A London Based Branding Agency

by Ryan

London is one of the most advanced cities in the world. This may sound trivial to you as a Londoner, but the fact that may hurt your ego is many of the business establishments in London do not have a clear idea about a brand.

The other day, we read a write up on LinkedIn where the author was trying to establish that the employer or the promoter of a company would have no impact on his/her brand and a brand would remain unfazed on the status of its owner. It was nearly one and a half page story. We saw many people commenting on the same and some liked it as well. But, the flaw in the perception of a brand remained there which was quite disappointing.

What You Should Know About A London Based Branding Agency

A brand isn’t about a logo, a product, or something else that you may presume. It’s about the possible meanings that people carry around a product or service in their heads and hearts though they may visually connect to a brand through the logo or the physical product. Therefore, the purpose of this discussion is to give you a clear mindset for choosing a London based branding agency that delivers.

Key Areas of a London Based Branding Agency:

  • Years of existence : While looking for a London based branding agency, check the number of years that the agency has been into business. This speaks loud and clear about the agency’s credential. After all, a branding agency has to deliver results bespoke to the clients’ business goals and an agency that delivers can only hope to survive in London in the long-run.
  • Experience : They say experience is the best teacher to learn something. But, there are cases where you will find that a branding agency in London is a new one and doesn’t have the number of years to its credit. But, the people behind the agency (promoters) may be the industry stalwarts or those who spent a substantial number of years working for world renowned brands/agencies in London or in other developed cities around the world. A situation like this is possible when an industry veteran floats an agency. Therefore, don’t always look for the experience of a branding agency. Instead, look for the brain behind the agency that can turn around your business in no time.
  • Expertise : Expertise and experience go hand in hand. But, expertise in today’s time can be a learnt behaviour. In fact, the modern concept is that people in the corporate world should attend workshops, seminars, and courses from time to time for honing their skills. Therefore, a check on the expertise of a London based branding agency is equally important.
  • Ethos : Ethos of a branding agency in London talk a lot about the agency’s people and their deliverables. Therefore, spend sometime with a branding agency to understand how the people there can truly work to the best interest of your business.
  • Fees : Check the fee structure of a branding agency before hiring. This will help you plan your expenditure in advance.

You may have some priorities at the time of selection of a branding agency in London. Therefore, put those priorities ahead and go with the hiring of a branding agency there.

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