Types And Grades Of Foils Used For Hot Printing

Types And Grades Of Foils Used For Hot Printing

by Ryan

There are different types of foils used for hot printing which is the primary thing required to give the colored effect to an image imprinted on a substrate. Foils are the main reason for the attractive and appealing visual effect which is obtained from hot printing. There are different designs and grades of foils that are used for hot printing which are compatible across a wide variety of substrates. You can learn more about foils if you visit www.Hotprintusa.com. Used in various applications, foil stamping is therefore very easy and efficient provided the right kind of foil is used for printing.

Grades Of Foil

There are different manufacturers of foils which have different specifications and applications. Depending on the type of product o which it is to be used there are four basic types of foils, which of course can vary for different manufacturers. The types of foils are graphic arts foils, plastic foils, textile foils and foils for decorative finishing. Out of these as the name suggests, plastic foils come in different metallic and holographic shades which can be used in plastic products. Similarly, the metallic textile foils are perfect for textiles which are formulated specially for excellent wear and easy transfer of image.

Types And Grades Of Foils Used For Hot Printing

Decorative And Graphic Arts Foil

For various decorative purposes you can use decorative foils which are also specially formulated. Apart from this you will get a variety of graphic arts foil that is used for hot printing apart from the most commonly used, widely recognized, and most versatile metallic foils known for its brilliance and sheen. The holographic foil is another impressive foil which is perfect to add distinction to the image and also add value to quite a wide range of products which includes packaging items, promotional items, greeting cards, labels, collectibles, paperback books and much more. Know more about it in www.Hotprintusa.com.

Some Other Graphic Foils

You will also come across some other graphic foils like rotary foils which are also as widely appreciated as the ordinary metallic foils. To give an elegant look to the product you can use Pearl foil for that pearlescent finish which is enabled by the special design and formulation. Pigmented foils can also be used when you need a deep colored finish to the stamping. It is used extensively across many products for its opacity and legibility of colors for the strength of it. Another special kind of foil designed for the graphic arts industry is the Clear foil which gives that extra glossy sheen to your stamped product.

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