The Benefits To Having Your Wedding At A Hotel

The Benefits To Having Your Wedding At A Hotel

by Emmie B

When you first get engaged and after the celebrations, you are ready to enter the planning stages of your wedding. One of the first things you should do is book a luxury catering wedding venue. There are ten reasons why a hotel wedding venue would be a perfect place to have your wedding.

Guests Can Stay at the Hotel

One of the benefits to having your wedding at a hotel is that your guests can stay at the hotel. This way they are altogether and you do not have to worry about guests arriving late because they got lost or another excuse.

Wedding and Reception in One Place

Another benefit is that you can have your wedding and reception at the same place. Your wedding could be outside, and the reception could be inside. A luxury catering wedding management company can help you find a hotel that is suitable for your needs to have the wedding and reception at the same place.

Your Cook Can be at the Hotel

The hotel that you have decided to have your wedding at may have a chef there that has done events. It is helpful to have a hotel wedding that has a restaurant inside the hotel. This way you have the option of choosing the food from the restaurant and having their chef cook the food. You can still do tastings to see if their food is right for your wedding.

Hotel Staff has Connections

The hotel of your choice may have done a ton of events and may have connections to other vendors such as a florist or a minister. When you go in for your consultation, make sure you ask them if they have a list of vendors that they have used before for weddings or other events.

Staying There After the Wedding

After your wedding and reception you can stay at the hotel with your significant other to sleep after an exhausting day. In the morning, you can leave from the hotel to go to start your honeymoon. Another option is to have brunch with your guests and/or wedding party.

Great Spot for Pictures

Having your wedding and reception at a luxury catering wedding venue will be a great spot for pictures. If the hotel has a water foundation, you could have your pictures taken in front of that. There are also great spots in the hotel that would make perfect wedding photos. There may also be great places on the street that you could get great wedding photos.

Staff to Offer Assistance

At a hotel, you will have lots of staff at your fingertips. They can offer help in any way they can so you would not have to hire a wedding planner. When setting up the wedding and reception area, it will take up a lot less time since you have so many people helping you.

They Have the Equipment

This is another cost that you would not have to worry about. A luxury catering wedding management company can help you find hotels that have all the equipment there. You would not have to rent or purchase anything.

Hotel Have Pools

A great thing about your venue being at a hotel is the pool. Lying out by the pool before the big event can help the bride become more relaxed and less stressed.

The Location of the Hotel

The last benefit to having a hotel wedding venue is the location. There are hotels everywhere all over the map no matter where you go. You can have your wedding at a destination location or in your own city.

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