Honda Activa 125 Review

Honda Activa 125 Review

by Ryan

Driving an automatic scooter on city roads full of traffic has its own set of highs. You can easily switch to an alley or pass through even the narrowest of the passageways to move forward through the traffic. Now, with the scooter segment expanding to a 125cc engine, Honda, one of the most trusted vehicle manufactures has also decided to jump the ship. Let’s take a deep look at their new offering in our Honda Activa 125 Review.

Designs and Looks: 

The comparison between the Activa 125 and the older 110cc sibling ends on the first glance itself. You can easily make out the obvious differences between the two models when compared side-by-side. The Activa 125 comes with an all new headlamp unit and the surrounding cowl is pretty much different also. However, the taillight and the seats are similar to the previous version. The instrument console contains an analog speedometer but the rest of odometer, trip-meter, and fuel-gauge are all digital. There is no brake lock clamp and the grab rail is nicely done with alloy units.


The all new Activa gets an engine upgrade with a new single cylinder, 4-stroke, and 124.9cc air-cooled engine. It can deliver a maximum power of 8.7PS with a maximum torque of about 10.12 Nm. People at Honda claim that the scooter provides a fuel efficiency of 58 kmpl, however, the results seems to depend upon the conditions and factors such as traffic taken into consideration.

Performance, Suspension and Handling:

The scooter feels absolutely smooth and responds quickly while on the move. The engine can deliver stable power for smooth riding till the 75 kmph mark. You can easily zip through the traffic on the Activa 125 as compared to the 110cc because of the instant responsiveness. The suspension for the scooter is provided by the telescopic fork system at the front side and the regular spring-loaded hydraulic suspension on the rear end.

Braking and Tires:

Besides a power-packed engine, Activa also includes best-in-class braking mechanism. The scooter is fitted with a disc brake on the front end and is combined with a well-oiled braking system and a drum brake at the rear end. The drum brakes measure 135mm in diameter whereas the disc brake on the front side are much larger at 190mm in size.

The 125cc is fitted with alloy wheels (12-inch at front and 10-inch at the back) and tubeless tyres to safeguard you against the threat of punctures. The tyres used

Added features: 

We took a good look at the scooter in our Honda Activa 125 Review and found that the scooter feels roomier than the older one. In our tests, we found out that even a six feet person can easily sit and navigate on the scooter without fuss and even has a large front space to keep your legs relaxed. Other stuff like the switchgear, the grips and the levers feel the same as the previous model and not much work is done to upgrade them. Also, you get a very large floorboard and 18L under-seat storage.

The Final Say:

The all new Activa 125 is available in two different variants – Standard and Deluxe. Although there is not much a price difference between the two, the deluxe scooter is able to provide power more efficiently. Activa 125cc is also available in four different shades – Black, White, Silver and Blue for the customers to choose from. Activa 125 looks and feels very different to the previous 110cc model and is an upgrade over it. We would like to recommend you to look at the Activa 125cc to buy if it fits in your budget in our Honda Activa 125 Review.

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