Happiness At The Workplace – More Important Than Ever

Happiness At The Workplace – More Important Than Ever

by Ryan

Do you look forward to going to work, to tackling the challenges that crop up and to improving yourself and making a worthwhile contribution to a group effort? Would you say that you are happy at your current job?

Recent studies show that we in the UK have far more sick days than our counterparts in Western Europe and the US. Could your level of happiness and enjoyment at work have something to do with it? If we are unhappy at our workplace, our productivity is affected, just as our level attendance is, also.

So what can we do to increase happiness for both ourselves and others at the office?

Remote Work

Get a break from the office by working from home. With smart utilisation of online collaboration tools working remotely will not impact your work as it once did. Skip commuting, spend more time with your family and pets, avoid office distractions and reduce your workload by working more efficient.

Many studies point towards remote workers being less stressed and happier than office residents.

Flexible Hours

Utilising flexible hours allows you to better deal with the unexpected, for example typical family-related problems such as a sick child or a suddenly all-important drop off/pick up from school. When the company focuses on performance instead of attendance it gives you the freedom to keep a healthy private/professional balance. Less stress = happier worker.

Have a Meal

Having your meal outside the office helps with keeping your mood up. Get some much-needed natural light, increase blood flow by moving and get a break from the workplace. As an added bonus, having your sandwich away from your desk will also make you more productive once you return to it.

Happiness At The Workplace – More Important Than Ever

Having Your Voice Heard

A truly great manager listens to his/her employees before taking any major decision. Feeling like a part of the company’s future makes you more motivated and content. Happiness comes in many forms, and being able to influence your own work gives a sense of being part of something greater, something that makes almost all of us feel more satisfied.

Company Culture

Company culture plays a big role in how comfortable you feel at your workplace. If the culture is wildly different from your own values, it may be time to look for a different company. When the culture coincides with your own, you normally feel happier and more comfortable with your colleagues and managers. By using the aforementioned online collaboration tools you can easily find out if the culture is what you are looking for even if you work fully remote.


Feeling secure in your job, development and career makes for a happy worker. All of the above points contribute to this important factor, and it’s something that great managers make sure is prioritised. Control of your career, engaging with constructive feedback, feeling appreciated and having greater responsibility are all elements that contribute towards a greater sense of job security.

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