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Hairstyles For The Bride’s Mother

If you are approaching the big day and you want to have a look, there are many details to think about: shoes, accessories, make-up and a beautiful hairstyle.

The look chosen must be in perfect harmony with the dress and your personality.

Here are some of the best wedding hairstyle that we offer for your wedding.

Hair pulled

Brides who want to gather hair day can think of a low ponytail; a perfect hairstyle for those who want to be original and chic.

Instead the most romantic and traditional brides to the chignon is the right choice, a simple and elegant hairstyle that will feel like a Princess.

A reworking of the classic hairstyle is the collected more soft and disheveled embellished with beads or framed with delicate flowers.


A very sexy and natural way to make your hairstyle, with a bit of creativity, is the semiraccolto: loose hair left behind and collected partly with clips or with cables.

The semiraccolto is one of the most popular hairstyles from brides because it gives a chic while still maintaining a simple and delicate tone.

Hair down

Loose hair more natural and refined style to brides.

A chaplet of flowers or circling valuable can make elegant hair free.


The sophisticated and romantic marriage goes perfectly with the bucolic plot.

Braids, torchon and weaves have an undeniable romantic charm and originality.


Even the simplest hairstyles can become special with the right accessory: small flowers, soft lighting, brooches with beads and precious Headbands are perfect to enrich your look.

In wedding day hairstyle is one of the most important parts of your look; Choose from tons of different hairstyle could put you in trouble and rushed to avoid make choices, take your time and think ahead to the hairstyle that you will want to have on your wedding day.

Ideas For Decorating The Bride And Groom’s Car

The wedding day is definitely one of the days you will remember for a lifetime and, if you want to make everything perfect, don’t forget to decorating the bride and groom’s car.

To decorate the wedding car is an ancient tradition; the car was adorned to ward off any evil spirits by the newly married couple.

Here are some ideas to decorate your car on your wedding day in an original manner without damaging the car.

Tin cans

The trail of tin cans is a great classic. You can use cans covered with colored cards and handwritten or custom designs or paint and embellish the jars with colorful paints based on the theme of the wedding.

Ribbons and streamers

Use ribbons and streamers is a simple idea, fun and cheap at the same time. You can make crepe paper streamers or satin or alternatively flakes combined with fresh flowers to give an elegant touch to your car.

License plate frames

The sign reading “Just Married” to be placed above the license plate or sticker to be applied to the rear of the car are common customs and spread all over the world.


The balloons add a touch of fun and magical: you can choose colorful balloons coordinated to the tones of the marriage or use most romantic heart shaped balloons.

Pom poms

Small tissue paper pom poms or tulle are a nice idea and original to be used to adorn the bonnet and the bumper of the car creating a long queue of threads of PomPoms of different varieties and colors.

Decorate your car is one of those customs that unites spouses from around the world. There are many ideas for decorating the car of the spouses, which do you prefer?

Recommendations For A Wedding In The Open Air

Summer is the most beautiful and romantic season to get married: the reception in the open air, blue skies, the long days, the colors, the scents of flowers… everything is wonderful in the hottest season of the year.

The heat and high temperatures, however, can become annoying and create problems both spouses that the invitees.
Therefore, if you are dreaming of a wedding in the open air, you have to get ready for the big day planning every detail.


Here are some tips that will allow you to organize a great summer wedding:


Is discouraged marriage toward the hottest hours; It is better to begin the ceremony at the freshest moments of the day: perfect time is late afternoon.

In the evenings you can organize ceremonies at sunset bathed in a very romantic atmosphere and spectacular.


Marriages celebrated in summer usually provide that the receipt is conducted in a location outdoors to enjoy the outdoors and the longer days. An important thing to consider in your choice of location is the chance to escape to sunlight and heat with few shaded area. So make sure that the location there is the possibility of having the tables for the reception in a shady place outdoors maybe under umbrellas or large white gazebo.


It is important that guests do not suffer the heat otherwise they won’t be able to fully enjoy the moment. Serve on a tray full of ice a cool drink is a great way to beat the heat. Your guests will love the refreshing cocktails and thirst quenching: hot liquor and red wine are to be avoided, it is best to offer a glass of white wine and rosé or a summer drink. To children and to those who prefer non-alcoholic drinks you would suggest drink with infused with lemon, lime, mint, cucumber.


For the items you choose we recommend light meals and refreshing: fresh appetizers, grilled fish, seasonal vegetables and fruit kebabs are perfect to be served in the summer.

Ice cream, popsicles and fresh fruit tarts are delicious for dessert; This choice is designed to refresh your guests and accompany them during breaks between one dance and another.


Summer is the ideal season to make the reception more colorful with bright colors and brilliant; avoid dark shades and heavy because they do not fit in the heat of summer days. Can not miss the nuances of yellow and coral that are perfect at this time of year.

Brides who love white can colorize the receipt with touches of vivid pastels like coral or blue. Tropical flowers such as orchids and flowers soft calle e, like roses and sunflowers, will make marriage full of colours and scents.

Although summer is the hottest season, remember that the summer storms come suddenly. Don’t forget the plan B indoor indoors or in case of bad weather so as not to spoil the party.

By following these tips you will avoid making common mistakes and you’ll be ready to celebrate your summer wedding outdoors.