5 Things a Customer Data Platform Can Do

5 Things a Customer Data Platform Can Do

by Johnny S

You might not realize it, but a customer data platform can help your business in more ways than one. This packaged software can provide a unified information channel that will help in implementing successful marketing campaigns. Looking for compelling reasons to invest in a customer data platform? Read this article to find out!

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It Provides a Single Platform for Data

In 2018 Forbes Insight article, a CDP is defined as a system that brings data across corporate channels to a single platform. It provides unified information that the marketing team uses in its decisions and strategies. The information it collates into a unified platform comes from multiple sources, such as website visits, mobile application interactions, and product usage, among others.

It Gives a Better Understanding of a Customer

Businesses have the inherent responsibility of knowing their customers to deliver the best products and services that are tailored to their needs. With a CDP, it becomes easier for the business to understand its target market. It identifies data about the customers, such as name, demographic, location, and contact. More than this, CDP also provides descriptive data for a clearer picture of who the customers are.

It Collects Data from Anonymous Visitors

One of the key differences between CDP and customer relationship management system is the fact that the latter collects information only about known customers while the former collects even data from anonymous customers. This provides the business with the ability to target even those who are not yet part of their database.

It Helps Create Customer Segments

Customer segmentation is important in understanding the unique needs of your target market. If you need help in segmenting your customers, a CDP can lend a helping hand. It creates customer profiles and helps in grouping them together based on several characteristics. Because of this, it is easier to create custom content to appeal on specific segments rather than creating marketing campaigns that appeal universally. This also brings us to the next function of CDP that is mentioned below.

It Creates Personalized Customer Experiences

Information from CDP is useless if the organization does not use it the right way. Among others, the information is utilized to create personalized experiences. In turn, it results in a higher level of customer satisfaction and will positively impact the profitability of the business. It helps in creating forward-thinking marketing strategies that are personalized based on the preferences of the target audience.

A CDP is crucial in the marketing strategy of a business. It provides a unified platform for managing customer data, which can be used in the implementation of customer-driven marketing. It provides accurate data in real-time to engage the target market and influence the success of an organization’s marketing campaign. With a CDP, you can use insights about customers to your advantage.

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