Text Recruiting Software For Modern Recruiters

Text Recruiting Software For Modern Recruiters

by Johnny S

Text recruiting software provides modern recruiters with increasing engagement, leading to a more responsive hiring process, a more personal form of communication to candidates, and speeding up response times. A text recruiting platform is built to construct candidate recruitment automation and engagement easily.

Recruiters make use of the text message platform to communicate with candidates throughout the recruiting process. It is often combined with other communication methods and becomes a robust conversational recruiting strategy that attracts top talent and leads to healthy relationships.

Text recruiting is an efficient communication platform that deepens engagement with candidates, speeds up the recruiting timeline, and improves the overall candidate experience. There are multiple ways to utilize text recruiting software for Modern Recruiters.

Text Recruiting Software For Modern Recruiters

Texting, Automation, and Artificial Intelligence

Enterprises grade texting software, which is built specifically for human resources, recruiting, and staffing. This software empowers your team to gain the best prospects instantaneously by using their preferred method of communication. SMS for recruiting instead of email aims to increase the response rates and lowers the response times dramatically. This even adds an Artificial Intelligence recruiting software layer that reduces manual effort. Smart employers are combining artificial intelligence and text to recruit, recruit, screen, onboard, and maintain employee engagement more effectively while reducing costs.

Text from Any Platform

The texting software works in harmony with your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and other recruiting platforms. You have an advantage as you can text from Taleo, Success Factors, Workday, or any other applicant tracking system.

Setup in Minutes

You can get your recruiters texting from inside your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) effortlessly. When you switch to an SMS centered recruiting strategy, it instantly reduces your time to fill and cost per hire. Choose a text recruiting platform that delivers faster.

Get Help When You Need it

You can get support from people committed to your team’s success that includes individualized training and the creation of a persuasive text recruiting strategy that allows you to incorporate a text across multiple platforms seamlessly. This will enable you to adopt the text to recruit in an easy process when you have the right partner.

Simplify Compliance

A text recruiting software helps ensure that you stay in compliance with every step of the way, from EEOC to TCPA and beyond. If you have a compliance audit, ensure that the text software offers a full record of every conversation your recruiters have had, no matter what platform you choose. Suppose you leverage one of the direct integrations that enable texting for Smart Recruiters, Greenhouse, Workday, or any Applicant Tracking System (ATS) partners. In that case, your applicant tracking system automatically gets a copy uploaded. The texting compliance solutions take your compliance headaches from ‘being a problem’ to ‘problem solved.’

Ensure Candidates Have Options

Candidates should always have the choice to opt-out of receiving text messages from specific or particular recruiters. This means typically established within an online job application, and data fees are applicable only when sending text messages to ensure that candidates remain compliant and aware.

Understand Candidate Pool Demographics

Not every candidate will appreciate communications through text messages, and that’s why it is essential to comprehend your target audience. Statistics state that about 96 percent of people aged between 18 to 29 possess a smart device, and only 79 percent of the people aged between 50 to 64 have a smartphone. Candidate demographics play a significant role, and it should be considered to ensure that communicating via text is a smart recruitment strategy.

Mobile-Friendly Applications

Several candidates face difficulties and cannot easily apply for jobs using a smartphone device, and the chance to text them may never exist. Applications that remain incompatible with smart devices could significantly increase the likelihood of candidates abandoning the application process. This often leads to missing out on talent because the application is not compatible.

SmartRecruiters and Text Recruiting

SmartMessage is a modern text recruiting solution offered by the SmartRecruiters. This platform will allow the hiring professionals to increase the frequency of conversations and deepen candidate engagement. SmartMessage will help candidates stand out from the competition by leveraging the high response and read messaging rates. These texting recruitment platforms enable recruiters to send and receive text messages or SMS and WhatsApp notifications while safeguarding global compliance. Human Resources professionals will also hold confidence in text campaigns’ success with insights into their effectiveness via configurable dashboards and reports. The SmartMessage platform will enable Human Resource Managers to avoid interview no-shows with automatic reminders and use a central inbox for all channels. The Human Resource department can automate self-scheduling and confirmations for candidates and get faster responses to reduce delays. The SmartMessage platform reaches 10X potential candidates instantly, enabling higher response rates at high speed and enabling interaction with candidates more frequently and in real-time.

Text Recruiting Software For Modern Recruiters

Goals of Text Recruiting Platform and Software

Text Campaigns: Create large text recruiting and Human Resource campaigns that reach candidates or recipients instantly through scheduling, personalization, and templates to make automation easy.

Short Codes: Text Apply lets candidates find and apply for employment from anywhere through shortcodes. The shortcodes promote jobs in-store, on social media, or on-campus with ease.

Recruiting Chatbot: Recruiting Chatbot leads to automating repetitive tasks with conversation Artificial Intelligence and transforming organizational efficiency through screen candidates, interviews, and much more.

Texting Inbox: It lets candidates stay organized and maximize efficiency with texting software tools built for recruiting and Human Resource workflows.

One-to-one Texting: It allows to send text messages to employees and candidates from directly within LinkedIn, ATS, HRIS or HCM, or other recruiting accounts with one click.

Share by Text: Enable easier candidate referrals by letting career site visitors share your jobs through SMS with a single click.


A text recruiting software is the easiest way to leverage texting and connect with candidates or recruiters faster and more effectively. The platform enables text messages to be read within five minutes, helps people get the ability to text with business and faster average response time for text versus email.

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