5 Creative Marketing Ideas For Lawyers During COVID-19

5 Creative Marketing Ideas For Lawyers During COVID-19

by Johnny S

Networking During a Pandemic: How to Market a Law Firm, Keep Attorney Bios and Online Presence Updated and other Attorney Marketing Ideas for Solo Practitioner Attorneys


In this article, we go over five strategic ways on how to market a law firm during a pandemic. Now everything is different. For comparison, you can look at a real-life SEO case study before the pandemic. These helpful law firm marketing ideas and solutions for New York firms and solo practitioner attorneys help you stay connected and engaged in a virtual environment. These helpful attorney marketing ideas are cost effective and don’t require much time or resources and you can get started by just updating your attorney bios.

Attorney marketing looks a lot different today than it did before the global pandemic. While many events and conferences in New York have moved to virtual only gatherings, many are looking for attorney marketing ideas to engage with clients. Below is a list of five creative law firm marketing ideas including:

    1.       Webinars
    2.       LinkedIn
    3.       Care Packages
    4.       Websites
    5.       Media


Digital marketing experts consider webinars quick and cost-effective ways to get in front of clients. If traditionally you gathered in a conference room, webinars now allow you to have a bigger reach and allow you to showcase your legal expertise to a broader audience. The new WFH environment has changed things for both employees and employers. Employment attorneys can host a webinar that highlights certain accommodations New York employers need to make in addition to other timely topics.

Webinars can be 30 minutes long or one hour and can be done using different platforms like Zoom, GoToMeeting or even Google. If you’re a solo practitioner attorney, consider bringing in a second panelist to create engaging conversation. Whatever webinar style you choose, make sure you encourage attendees to send in questions. This way, you can individually follow-up with clients and it creates a check-in opportunity.


With more attorneys and clients spending time online, it is crucial for attorneys to be connected on LinkedIn. Law.com and other digital marketing experts state that LinkedIn can help you “enhance your brand, build your network, and generate referrals” and all you need is 10-minutes. There are so many social media platforms today, but LinkedIn is proven to be the best option for attorneys looking to market within and outside the industry. Your LinkedIn profile should have a current headshot, a short attorney bio, and a list of your previous employment positions. Make sure to use SEO terms to help populate your profile on search engines.

5 Creative Marketing Ideas For Lawyers During COVID-19

Depending on your seniority, go back 10 years and list positions that show growth. Once your profile is built, you must maintain it and also generate connections. Connect with law school classmates, clients, and anyone in and out of New York that might result in a referral. LinkedIn has a great article they put together for attorneys in particular and tips for marketing using their site.

Care Packages

If you’re looking for law firm advertising ideas while your clients work from home, consider care packages and a day of outreach like lastingtrend.com does. Tens of thousands of New Yorkers are now working from home and probably don’t have access to the same resources they did in the office. Call clients and check in on how they are doing. While some might enjoy working from home, others might feel a bit uneasy. Ask clients if they need anything to make their work-from-home environment better.  Suggest sending them a package of some useful office supplies like earphones since a lot are participating in conference calls.

If you have branded materials to send with your law firm’s logo, that’s a plus. If not, generic supplies with a little note from you are great too. During the holiday season, another great way to market is by sending a wine basket. We understand this can get pricey but it shows clients you’re still thinking of them even during these tough times.

Website Content

Many law firm advertising ideas and strategies can be accomplished right from your website. Throughout the year, firms forget to update their website. Now that we have a little downtime, it is important to make sure you have engaging content and answer the questions of visiting clients. A majority of clients find New York law firms by referral or by online searches. Make sure your website is filled with quick and easy ways for clients to contact you and utilize search engine optimization tools to produce better results.

Attorney bios on the website are also important and need to be updated regularly. Consider setting up a calendar notice and try to update your profile on a quarterly basis with SEO rich text. If you decide to market your legal services via blogging, make sure you update your blog regularly and share the blog on other social media platforms like LinkedIn. If you’re not sure how to build your web presence, reach out to a digital marketing agencies like the Lasting Trend and utilize the helpful resources they have available. You never know if your next click might be a referral.


Media plays a huge role in developing expertise and your brand. To get in front of new clients, we suggest partnering with local media or organizations and provide your legal expertise on any stories they may be working on. To help market your attorney expertise, we suggest authoring an article for one of your local publications.

Published work usually indicates to clients an attorney is an expert in the area or a credible source to consider. In return, attorneys have the opportunity to be showcased in front of an audience they may not have access to otherwise. If you’re not sure how to build contacts with media, start by sending an email to the local editor. Better yet, follow them on LinkedIn, and introduce yourself and what you specialize in. When you do land a commentary or article opportunity, the organization will need to market the piece and will most likely post on their social platforms, which is another opportunity for visibility and attorney marketing.


We hope you found these law firm advertising ideas.  Whether you are a solo practitioner attorney for a boutique law firm, these are simple yet effective attorney marketing ideas you can implement and help stay connected with clients.

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