These Trends Are Taking The Android App Development Market By Storm

These Trends Are Taking The Android App Development Market By Storm

by Johnny S

Android is one of the most loved creations to come out of Silicon Valley. The universality and the open-source functionality of the software make it truly accessible to all.

As smartphone manufacturers keep rolling out better phones every year, android has certainly kept up with the rapid growth and pushed its limits to keep making the next version more marvelous than the last time.

Of course, Android is nothing without its vast array of applications that dominate the Google Play Store. These applications cater to very different target audiences, and yet, because of uniform changes through UI updates, all of them share some necessity of keeping up with newer designs.

Some of these trends have taken over the app development market in recent years. They had gradually made their way into our technological ecosystem in such a way that a common man may not even remember when they were first introduced.

Knowing these trends will help you understand consumer psychology and why they are necessary for today’s experience. After thorough research and going through the most popular apps, we have compiled a list of the most influential trends in the market; we have compiled the following list for you.

Instant Applications

With the functionality of instant applications, users can truly feel that they’re in the future with technology. It is so because instant apps allow you to use an application without downloading it on your device.

Ever since it has been rolled out, it has received a positive reception from every user so far. Be it tech blogs or long-time Android users; everyone feels that this feature is immensely useful.

Instant apps are also crucial because they cater to the fast-paced life of the modern user. With no seeming end of the pandemic, our mobile devices have become a frustrating tool for attending meetings all day. Hence, people want to get the most usage out of their phones as soon as possible and try to put their phones down to seek respite from their work lives.

Thus, you have every reason to assume that the wave of instant applications has only begun. You should seriously consider hiring an Android app developer to make your app future-proof after integrating this feature.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Machine learning is the future of technology, and it has started to trickle down into our most loved apps. Your most-used apps take advantage of artificial intelligence to learn your behavior and patterns and optimize your experience to make it as fruitful as possible.

Machine learning and AI is all about personalizing your experience as much as possible. Imagine if you had a personal connoisseur who has the job of knowing you and using that information to show the most relevant updates and options while you’re on your phone. Machine learning does this to perfection without the scope of human errors.

These Trends Are Taking The Android App Development Market By Storm

It turns your phone into a dedicated helper and optimizes your app’s experience to the maximum extent for each user. Artificial intelligence assures such algorithms’ growth to get more accurate with time to give you a better experience every time you return to an application.

Social media is one of the most prominent examples of how fast machine learning algorithms have become essential to a good smartphone experience. Developers are using it everywhere they can because they know that its potential and future opportunities are endless.

So, there’s no need to think twice about the importance and long-term impact of this feature on your target audience. Artificial intelligence is the future of all technology, and you need to ensure that it is a part of your brand’s future as well.

Voice Assistants

Siri was the original and the first voice assistant to be present on a smartphone. Apple knocked it out of the park while working on Siri and Android developers soon realized that they needed to work on their voice assistant.

Ever since then, every developer started exploring the avenues of voice assistants and worked on making their assistants. Developers and mobile companies had the foresight to understand the tremendous applications of such technology a decade back.

As of now, every major technology company has a virtual assistant. While Google has its own Google Assistant, Amazon has worked on making Alexa, and similarly, Microsoft keeps improving Cortana every update.

The trend has caught on to such an extent that even smartphone manufacturers have begun making their assistants like Samsung’s Bixby. Voice assistants have even invaded the world of Bluetooth speakers and made their appearance in smart speakers.

The magnificent sales numbers of products with voice assistants gives us more than enough reason to know voice assistants will only be getting popular and helpful in the future.


These Trends Are Taking The Android App Development Market By Storm

Chatbots are even more famous than voice assistants and certainly more utilized as well. Chatbots are a sight to be seen at every website, delivery app and have been integrated with popular social media platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, Discord, etc.

Chatbots are convenient for the user, and they are highly profitable for the company because it allows the software to simultaneously address a hundred queries. It is an excellent way to increase functionality for these platforms and a great way for featured apps to increase their exposure through such channels.

Furthermore, It will enable the company not to waste unnecessary workforce and focus on better things. In the future, chatbots will become even more common than they are currently with increased functionality through machine learning and artificial intelligence.

They’re currently being updated to get well-versed in different languages, spelling variations, along with geo-specific responses. In the near future, chatbots will be adept enough to talk to a user just like a regular customer service executive.

It can single-handedly replace the need for tie-ups with pesky call centers and free up revenue for other things on your list. You should start developing a chatbot if you wish to personalize the user experience and open a communication channel between your app and the user.

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