Interoffice Communication: Keeping Multiple Locations in Contact

Interoffice Communication: Keeping Multiple Locations in Contact

by Brooke

Maintaining multiple locations can be a major problem, especially when it comes to communicating between those locations. As there are a number of advantages to maintaining that communication, such as being able to transfer materials, conferring with more experienced employees, and just better coordination overall, that should be an important part of setting up a new office. There are several ways to create such a system and easily maintain it.

Every Computer Has a Camera

Sometimes the best way to talk to someone is through teleconferencing. While calling works, teleconferencing allows much more effective communication: Not only are there facial expressions but both sides can present charts and actually show the other what they are doing; this means that one side can ask the other to actually show them how to do something rather than just telling them how to do it. That a laptop can be easily picked up and even moved while in operation facilitates that by allowing one person to use the camera on the laptop to show the other exactly what they are doing. Fortunately, it is easy enough to facilitate this just by making sure that you have a reliable service provider.

Texting Is Great

You should also take advantage of a good text message system for business. Sometimes one person may need to ask a quick question or coordinate with another employee at another site. A text message is all that is required, and a company directory can make this quick. Also, texting is great for quick directions to a site or even just sharing an address. People almost always have their phones with them, so texts are often the easiest way to get ahold of someone, especially if they’re away from their computers.

Messengers Can Be Good Too

Of course, you also want some low-tech solutions as well. You may want to share physical files between sites or use USB drives to help maintain security. There may even be times when you need to move material from one site to another, such as when one site runs out of toner and another has plenty to spare. Setting up a messenger service between local sites is the optimal set up as it creates some sort of protocol, however informal, that allows sites to transfer those items between each other. Just make sure that there is a paper trail to track those transfers for inventory purposes for maximum efficiency.

Again, communication between sites should be encouraged and it is easy enough to set up those protocols. Do what you can to make sure that such processes are in place and you help to make your business that much more effective.

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