5 Ways Your Business Can Go Greener In 2020

5 Ways Your Business Can Go Greener In 2020

by Brooke

If you run a business, you can find ways to be more environmentally responsible in your operations to help the planet. Making your business eco-friendlier can be done by making a few simple changes to how you do things around your company. Here are five great ways your business can go greener in 2020.

Try Going Paperless

Paper that’s used for printing documents, spreadsheets and other business records often ends up in landfills when it’s no longer useful. To solve this problem, you can try saving these records virtually on your business’s computer network or in cloud storage. Invoices and newsletters that are sent to clients can be done so virtually through email or other online communications instead of having to print them on paper to mail them.

Cut Back on Water Use

Just like at home, you can do a lot for the environment by finding ways to reduce water use for your business. Any leaky faucets in your building should be fixed so that they stop dripping and wasting water. Water-efficient toilets and sinks can also be installed to save water.

Recycle Old Equipment

Old computers, printers and other pieces of office equipment shouldn’t be discarded in landfills and should instead be recycled. Many components from your office equipment can be used for aluminum and copper recycling purposes. Giving your old equipment to a reputable recycler can also prevent any stored confidential information from falling into the wrong hands. You can also be proud that your business is finding many ways to give back to your community.

Use Environmentally Friendly Cleaners

Certain cleaning products are made with natural ingredients instead of toxins that can be harmful to both your staff and the environment, and using these products can help make your business greener. There are even biodegradable cleaners that limit exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. If you choose to have your business professionally cleaned, hiring cleaners that use eco-friendly cleaning products and cleaning methods will be an excellent idea.

Switch to Eco-Friendlier Light Sources

Compact fluorescent (CFL) and light emitting diode (LED) bulbs use less energy than other types of lightbulbs. These lightbulbs can often last longer and save your business a lot of money each year. Allowing more sunlight into your building instead of relying on light fixtures all the time can also provide more light so that you won’t have to use as much energy.

Finding ways to make your business greener can get your new year off to a better start. Implementing these changes can make a big difference in how your business impacts the environment.

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