5 Awesome Apps For Your eCommerce Website

5 Awesome Apps For Your eCommerce Website

by Stephen M

Product-focused companies have realized that mobile-first design is essential for success with eCommerce in the modern market. Smartphones are now the go-to device for most adults when it comes to online shopping, commanding roughly 77% of all internet usage. If your brand hasn’t adopted a mobile-first philosophy, you are already behind the curve. If you’re trying to improve your sales via eCommerce, mobile web design is an absolute necessity.

While most businesses now understand how mobile-first design improves user experiences, it’s surprising how few of them recognize that mobile design can improve their own processes. If you’re looking for ways to streamline mobile eCommerce for your brand, a few apps could offer fantastic results. Experiment with them and see which configuration works for you if you’re planning a website overhaul for 2020.

5 Awesome Apps For Your eCommerce Website

HubSpot Mobile

Mobile design may help consumers make purchases more quickly and easily, but they can also provide fantastic functionality for businesses and enhance eCommerce results in surprising ways, too. The HubSpot Mobile app is an intuitive customer relationship management (CRM) platform designed for full-scale use on the go. It’s entirely free, and you will never need to pay for any kind of upgrades. You’ll have complete instant access to everything HubSpot Mobile has to offer from the moment you install it on your mobile device.

Managing customer relationships is a necessity for modern companies. Timely responses to customer issues and questions creates better experiences and ultimately builds trust between brands and their customers. The app also includes tons of useful features for any business leader or representative, such as the business card scanner that automatically creates CRM contacts inside the app from scanned business cards. You can essentially build out your CRM Rolodex on the go at conferences, networking events, and industry conventions.

Google Analytics

If you want to run a successful eCommerce site, it’s essential to keep tabs on it daily. The granddaddy of all analytical tools for SEO is Google Analytics, the free platform built into Google AdWords that allows digital advertisers to track their SEO performance and conversions from anywhere. If you already manage an SEO strategy for your brand, you probably already have a Google Analytics account. If not, get one immediately and then download the companion mobile app so you can track your performance on the go.

Google Analytics provides everything from alerts to the tools you need to engage with customers directly through Google. This allows an incredible level of versatility when it comes to adjusting your keyword strategy on the fly, responding to new issues as quickly as possible. The app offers built-in reporting features and real-time data monitoring from anywhere with an internet connection. You can even create customized reports and export them via email, save them to your app dashboard, and keep all of your Google AdWords information in one easy-to-use app.

Shopify Mobile

One of the most important parts of an eCommerce design is offering your customers an easy checkout process. Shopify has already earned incredible popularity thanks to its ease of use and integration capabilities with a wide variety of web designs, and now the Shopify Mobile app provides the same level of functionality and control in an intuitive smartphone application. It’s not uncommon for some brands to manage several Shopify accounts, and the mobile app allows you to have complete control over all of your Shopify accounts in one convenient location.

Shopify Mobile can potentially streamline many of your business operations. If you are trying to improve your eCommerce results, Shopify Mobile could potentially make your team more responsive to customer issues, able to fill orders more quickly, and more mindful of your inventory. You can process, fulfil, refund, archive, and complete orders from every one of your store locations or through your eCommerce portals, easily print packing slips and labels for shipping and manage order notes and tags with an intuitive interface.

The app also tracks conversion data directly from order details and allows you to add Timeline comments directly through the app. You can even sync your Shopify Mobile account with third party seller sites like eBay, Amazon, and Etsy. With Shopify Mobile, you can effectively manage everything from marketing to order fulfilment from a single mobile interface.


By now you should realize that every aspect of your marketing is connected, from your social media profiles to the checkout application you use to allow customers to complete sales. However, without the right tools, it can be difficult to determine which of your marketing channels is providing the best return on your investment (ROI). AddShoppers eliminates the guesswork of ROI and allows you to see exactly which of your social media posts lead to conversions and sales on an SKU-by-SKU basis.

AddShoppers also provides the added functionality of third-party email retargeting. Most of the visitors to your website probably won’t immediately sign up for your mailing list, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worthwhile leads. AddShoppers allows you to send emails to these anonymous visitors incrementally, improving your reach and allowing you to configure dynamic first-party personalized emails as necessary. AddShoppers uses a proprietary in-market data source that reaches more than 200 million devices, and you can figure out exactly which of your social media shares lead to sales. This is great information and can help you develop more effective social media marketing campaigns in the future.

Help Scout

A big part of eCommerce is managing customer inquiries, emails about orders, return requests, and general product information. Many small businesses run into the problem of trying to manage all of these issues through a single email inbox, typically with several employees all accessing that same box to deal with different issues in different ways. This can be incredibly confusing and not only lead to missed sales but also diminish customer experiences.

Help Scout eliminates this confusion with a streamlined and intuitive email management system designed to augment your existing CRM platform. Help Scout offers customization tools that allow you to design automated responses to common customer messages, chat with visitors in real-time, and share email inboxes and messages with members of your team. It also includes intuitive reporting features so you can track your customer service results in real-time.

This app allows you to get the jump on customer service issues as soon as they appear. Instead of potentially allowing a customer’s message to slip through the cracks and go unaddressed due to the sea of emails in your shared inbox, Help Scout ensures every message receives appropriate attention in a timely fashion. You can address individual issues directly or assign them to your team on the fly, ensuring positive experiences and cultivating stronger relationships with your customers.

Experiment With New Apps

Streamlining your eCommerce processes not only increases profitability but also helps cultivate stronger relationships with your customers. These apps are just a few out there that carry the incredible potential for any eCommerce business, so start looking for gaps in your current eCommerce configurations and see if any of these or other apps could fill them and provide your customers with better experiences.

Mobile apps allow business leaders to be more flexible and respond to customer issues with greater agility. These rapid responses cultivate trust with your customers. If you have already designed your website for mobile devices, you probably rely on your mobile device as much as your customer does theirs. Take control of your eCommerce site on the go by developing your own mobile management system with leading eCommerce apps.

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