4 Tips For Keeping Your Factory Safe and Clean

4 Tips For Keeping Your Factory Safe and Clean

by Brooke

To maintain a successful business, it’s important to limit your costs as much as possible. One of the highest costs a business can face is the costs accrued due to injured employees.

In order to limit these costs, you must work hard to maintain a factory that presents few risks for your employees. To help you stay on top of these risks, here are four tips for keeping your factory safe and clean.

Check the Exits

If an emergency occurs in your building, it’s crucial that your employees are able to escape quickly. Therefore, it’s important that you keep the exits free of any type of clutter that could cause obstructions.

It can be easy to overlook this, especially near exits that aren’t commonly used. Since you can’t predict where in your facility an emergency will occur, though, it’s vital that all exit points are accessible at all times.

Use Air Filters

The quality of the air in your factory plays a big role in the health and wellness of your employees. That’s why it’s so important to use high-quality air filters that are integrated with your facility’s HVAC system.

When choosing the filters, it’s important to strike a balance between filters that can remove a large amount of particulate matter and those that don’t reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system too much.

Take Care of the Floors

If they’re not properly looked after, the floors in your facility have the potential to cause the most injuries among your employees. Therefore, you must do all you can to keep the floors in a safe condition.

This includes hiring a dairy brick repair contractor when you notice cracks or uneven surfaces and ensuring that the floor stays clean and dry at all times. A great way to maintain safety on the floor is to allow your employees to take ownership of this process through various incentives and promotions.

Designated Storage Areas

In a large factory, it can be difficult for employees to remember where certain items are supposed to be stored. If you have designated storage areas for everything in your facility, though, this process will be a lot easier.

The key is to use extensive labeling so that there’s no confusion over what goes where. Re-assessing the locations of certain items on an annual basis is also a good idea.

Good safety and cleanliness at your factory must be a group effort. Since your employees are the ones interacting with the safety and cleaning practices you’ve put in place, it’s a good idea to listen to their feedback to determine if the practices are effective. By listening to their suggestions, you can be sure that everyone will stay as safe as possible at all times.

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