You Could Use the Help: How to Effectively Utilize Temp Employees

You Could Use the Help: How to Effectively Utilize Temp Employees

by Brooke

Most companies prefer to employ full-time staff for many key functions to ensure consistency and to reduce training needs. However, certain situations can arise when temp employees can fill a gap to facilitate the company’s operations. When an opening occurs unexpectedly or a full-time employee is absent, hiring a temp makes good sense. Here are a few ways to make the best use of temporary help.

Provide a Clear Job Description

If you know in advance that a temporary hire will be needed, provide staffing offices a clear and detailed job description. This will enable them to recommend the most qualified and suitable temp for the position. When a need suddenly develops for a position that lacks a detailed job description, provide a list of critical skills that are needed to handle the job. You will eliminate frustration on the part of the temp, the staffing agency, and your company if you don’t have to train a temp who lacks specific skills for the job.

Make a Timely Request

While emergencies can occur when you need to make a last-minute temp request, try to plan ahead for full-time staff who may be taking time off work for vacations and medical leave. Prepare an advance schedule so you can work with a staffing agency ahead of time to line up the best fit for your company’s temporary need.

Offer Training and Support to Temp Employees

Although temporary staff are not expected to have experience and knowledge specifically related to your job opening, they should have general understanding of what they are expected to do at the company. If possible, assign a full-time staff member to serve as mentor or guide in case the temporary staffer has questions or needs assistance. When this is not possible, provide company resources like a handbook, policy guidebook, or other training-type materials to help the temporary employee with the assigned duties.

Consider Rehiring Temps Who Work Well

When a temporary staff member does a good job, you may want to ask the agency about requesting the same person for future needs. If your company develops a full-time opening for which the temp staffer might be a good candidate, and if you know the temp may be considering full-time employment with the agency’s knowledge, you may want to recruit the temp by inviting him or her to apply full-time.

Temporary employees are valuable staff members who contribute in meaningful ways to a company’s success. Utilize their skills in ways like these to benefit them and your business.

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