What to Do When Your Tenants Break a Contract

What to Do When Your Tenants Break a Contract

by Brooke

Dealing with a difficult tenant can be nothing short of a nightmare. In situations where tenants break their lease or other contract, knowing how to deal with the situation effectively can be of the utmost importance. Failure to take appropriate action can lead to further issues that you would do well to avoid.

Communicate with the Tenant

It is always a good idea to review the terms of a leasing contract to ensure that you are familiar with all the details. Informing your tenant that their actions may be in violation of the contract and may have legal repercussions could also help to diffuse the situation. Always remember to document all interactions as well as any efforts to communicate with your tenants in case such information is needed later.

Seek Legal Assistance

Lacking a firm grasp of the laws governing leasing and rental contracts can be a serious liability. Speaking with a civil litigation lawyer regarding your situation and options is always a smart move. Seeking advice, guidance or even formal representation from a legal professional could be essential in your efforts to deal with the situation. You have a legal right for compensation of destroyed property.

Protect Your Interests

Taking a firm stance with tenants who are in violation of their lease or rental contract can be difficult, but it can also be necessary. Reprimanding a tenant, seeking financial compensation for any damages done or even moving to have a tenant or occupant evicted are all issues that may allow you to better protect your assets and interests. Being too lenient with your tenants could end up placing you at greater risk than you might realize.

Re-lease the Property

Dealing with a tenant who may be delinquent with their rent or allowing a rental property to remain unoccupied can quickly become very expensive. Paying for the maintenance and upkeep of your property in instances where it may not be generating any rental income can place a serious strain on your financial resources. Doing whatever is necessary in order to re-lease the property or to find a new tenant is never a matter that should be looked upon lightly.

From attracting the right tenant to ensuring there are no holes in a lease or rental contract, there are a number of ways to avoid some of the most common or costly issues that property owners are likely to encounter. Despite your best efforts, problems may still arise. In the event that your tenants break a contract or violate their lease, knowing how you should proceed can be an issue of tremendous importance.

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