Top 5 Music Genres to Help You Survive Finals (Hell) Week in School

Top 5 Music Genres to Help You Survive Finals (Hell) Week in School

by Johnny S

Every student knows the pain and burden of “Hell Week”. It is a season of cramming and overloading your minds with all of the projects due for submission and all of the exams that needs to be passed (with or without flying colors – well at least you “passed”). Any local and even international curricula you choose will give you one of these ‘punisher’ weeks for sure. No escape. But the pressure is all part of the training, of course. However, one of the best things that can make it less stressful somehow is music. It can help alleviate your mood, soothe your mind, tune up your focus and drive away some negative vibes and noises around you.

Well, not all people can study and absorb information with music on the background. But for those who can (and probably needs it now), below are the top five music genres that can help you survive your finals hell week, may it be

  1. Funk

The right amount of hype and beautiful bass lines will keep your mind alive yet settled at the same time. It can make you tap your feet and move a little bit, but funky music can help you maintain your focus. This genre can even make you feel like dancing without actually doing it.

  1. Rhythm and Blues

Rhythm and Blues, popularly known as R&B, is a bit close to funk beat. But besides the good rhythm within it which makes it easier for the hearer to concentrate, this music genre also has a good amount of soul within it, which can calm your nerves and absorb light or positive feels.

  1. Heavy Metal

Surprisingly, there are a lot of students who can better focus with this music genre. It can also bring about the drive to work faster due to the kind of rhythm it produces. Heavy metal basically draws out adrenaline rush to those students who listens to it while studying. This is also a good one in case you are actually cramming your way towards the completion of your projects or assignments. Heavy metal won’t disappoint.

  1. Jazz

Ah! The sound of piano and saxophone is like a piece of heaven on earth that can lighten your darkest of days – especially when your next professor is simply the toughest steak you have this school year. Jazz can definitely help you calm your nerves and ease your worries, even for a couple of minutes. With just the right touch of bass and mostly light airy vibe, it will definitely uplift your mood and aid on thinking with focus.

  1. Classical

Nothing beats the classical music genre when it comes to surviving your hell week in school. Tested and proven by experts, this kind of music does it all, even to an unborn child – soothe your mind, uplift your mood, improve focus and develop positive vibes. What’s best, most of these are instrumentals, which makes it even better for concentration purposes.

Now, you can most likely study well and find out the perfect songs to add to your playlist, depending on what you will be needing for the whole duration of your school hell week. Break a leg!

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