Tips for Buying Aftermarket Aesthetic Lasers

Tips for Buying Aftermarket Aesthetic Lasers

by Johnny S

Cosmetic procedures are only growing in popularity, so industry members are undoubtedly experiencing a bit of a business increase. However, popularity isn’t the only thing growing. The industry’s technological advancements have been booming, and you could easily find yourself with a piece of outdated equipment that doesn’t produce the results that your clients desire. This is where it gets tricky, being that aesthetic lasers can cost a pretty penny. Luckily, aftermarket products are a viable option for businesses looking for a replacement or an upgrade without the hefty price tags.

Find a reputable seller

When it comes to purchasing equipment, it is crucial that you find a reputable seller. This goes for just about any aftermarket product you’d consider buying for your business. Especially since you’re handling cosmetic procedures such as hair removal, it’s important to make sure you’re investing in a quality product from a quality seller. Naturally, there are a few ways to determine whether or not you’re working with a reputable aftermarket seller. Start by checking out a few trusted business review sites. These can include the Better Business Bureau as well as the Complaints Board.

Through these, you can see the overall perception of a seller on top of determining if there are any complaints lodged. Don’t let an isolated complaint dissuade you, though. Look for how frequently complaints have been lodged and whether any of these complaints touch on similar points. These can be major red flags, especially if you’re seeing mention of faulty equipment, poor customer service, or hidden fees.

Get colleague feedback

From there, you can check with your colleagues to see if they have any recommendations. Many industry professionals rely on aftermarket sites like to find prime savings on their equipment, so if you know of anyone who’s purchased from one of these providers, you should ask their direct input. Such sites are known to provide top-notch lasers without any customer issues or complaints.

Additionally, while buying online is convenient, if any sites also operate physical locations, ask your colleagues if they purchased their items in-person or via the web and how both experiences were. Some aftermarket sellers rely on warehouse storage to hold all of their currently circulating products which allows potential buyers the opportunity to get close and personal with the equipment and inspect it for any common, noticeable defects. You won’t be able to see scrapes and scratches online unless the seller is taking some fairly thorough photos.

Aim for expertise

Before you buy, prepare a list of questions about specific products and equipment that interest you. If you’re working with a quality aftermarket seller, they should know the nuances of certain pieces of equipment and also be able to tell you what distinguishes one brand from the next. Also, ask if the equipment technicians are certified. Most times, they are, but on occasion, you’ll stumble across an aftermarket seller that is trying to hire technicians on the cheap and doesn’t put much stock in certifications. A certified technician also ensures that you’re receiving a quality aftermarket product that has been inspected and tested more rigorously.

Aftermarket aesthetic lasers can be an excellent investment if you know where to look. Depending on the make and model of your preferred laser, as well as the seller you use, you could be looking at savings of up to 70 percent compared to purchasing a new piece of equipment. Naturally, the money you save is money that can be reinvested into the growth and expansion of your business. While buying new can be tempting, aftermarket aesthetic lasers are a win-win for business owners.

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