Opening a Bar? Modern Furniture Trends to Try

Opening a Bar? Modern Furniture Trends to Try

by Johnny S

After years of dreaming and scheming, you are finally preparing to open your own bar. You can picture the customers gathering and sipping drinks, filling the space with chatter and laughter. Now you have to set the ambiance. To create the ideal atmosphere for your customer base, it’s essential to find the perfect furniture. Doing so can establish your business’s brand and keep customers coming in the door.

While there is no right way to furnish a bar, today’s modern furniture trends lend themselves to a variety of styles. You can create a foundation with key pieces and build the rest of your decor from there. The following are some furniture design trends to consider for your place.

Simple lines

Quality modern furniture does not need to be flashy or ornate. Some of today’s best pieces have simple lines and solid structures, which can be great options for bars. By keeping your furniture and decor relatively simple, you can allow your drinks and food to be the true focus. Simple wooden bar stools, armless dining chairs, and sleek couches can make the space more minimalistic. Whether patrons are gathering for happy hour or settling in for the night, they are sure to feel stylish and sophisticated in your space.

Bold colors

Today’s restaurants and bars do not shy away from color. In fact, bold color is even the brand of some establishments. Colors like “millennial pink” have exploded over the past few years, giving restaurants and bars a cheerful yet modern look. There are many ways to add color through furniture. You can arrange a collection of mismatched tables and chairs in the space, creating a playful style. If you’re more keen on the sleek look, add one or two boldly colored couches. A neat row of colorful bar stools can also be a great option.

Comfortable corners

High end and casual bars alike are embracing comfort, adding pockets of cushy chairs and couches. Remember that each of your customers is looking for a different experience. Some may be looking to enjoy a drink with a date at the bar, but others want to sit with a book or gather with friends. Adding comfortable seating around the space caters to a wide variety of patrons. Just be sure to look for unique pieces that support your brand and elevate the space.

Instagram-worthy pieces

Social media is the new word-of-mouth, so you want your bar to be perfectly Instagrammable. Start by considering what elements will look appealing in a photograph. Your customers will be taking photos of their drinks on the tables, so make sure the table material fits your brand. For example, a Southern-inspired cocktail bar might have wooden tables, while a sleek brewery could have metal. Consider how the chairs will look when customers take photos while sitting, and how the lighting complements all of these pieces. You might also have a vintage couch or other unique piece for customers to take photos on. If you’re feeling extra social media savvy, create your own hashtag for the space. All of these details will catch attention, turning social media users into customers.

Once you find your ideal alcoholic beverage distributor, hire staff, and start crafting your recipes, it’s important to focus on the decor as well. A well-decorated space will keep customers inside, and the furniture is the foundation of patron experience. The right furniture will keep customers comfortable, create an on-brand experience, and give your bar a unique twist. And when all of the decor elements come together, you can have a sophisticated space that stands out from the competition.

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