How To Craft Stories That Sell On Social Channels

How To Craft Stories That Sell On Social Channels

by Johnny S

Social media is longer just a place to connect with people. Over time it has evolved into an essential marketing platform which allows brands to engage with their existing audience and reach more people.

Social media also gives you a chance to get to know your audience and build relationships with them; which makes it an integral part of the sales process.

But the cool thing about digital marketing is that it’s about more than just selling product. It’s also about telling stories. Telling the story of your brand in a compelling, fun and engaging way is the key to digital success.And as it turns out social media can help you to achieve this pretty easily.

Things To Remember When Creating Social Content

When creating content for social media we all want the same thing – for people to read, enjoy and share our posts. This is the base goal of all types of content marketing.But creating stories for your social channels that will be a hit with your audience can sometimes be challenging.

So here’s a quick refresher about content marketing: Content marketing is about creating something which promotes a brand in a subtle way, while also giving readers valuable information. This “something” refers to material such as videos, blogs, images and social media posts.

As digital marketers it’s important to remember that the type and quality of your content needs to be on point in order to attract readers and keep them interested.

What Makes A Story Sell?

As the digital marketing adage goes “content is key”.

This is especially true for social media where most readers are just casually scrolling through their news feeds. The trick is to grab the attention of these casual scrollers and make them take notice of what you have to say. All this can be achieved with a story that sells.

So what makes a story sell?

It’s pretty simple really. A story that sells will usually have an enticing headline, a hook, a protagonist or something at stake and the potential for more.And as an added bonus good selling content does wonders for your brand’s visibility, credibility and overall authority.

How To Craft A Story That Sells

The ability to sell content on social platforms plays an important role in the success of your brand online.But with the ever changing social media landscape it can be difficult to keep up with what type of content will make an impression on your readers.

Luckily we have a few tips to help you craft social media stories which will have your readers sold and coming back for more.

  • Be Authentic

When creating content always try to be as authentic as possible. An easy way to do this is by sticking to your brand’s core values. This will act as a guide and enable you to convey a unique message. People tend to respond well to personas that are genuine. So always remember to be as real as possible. It will go a long way in creating a lasting impression with your audience.

  • Personal Stories

Personal essays are all the rage with popular media outlets these days. This is because stories with a personal angle tend to resonate with readers and keep them hooked. When creating your social content try to add a few personal experiences to mix things up. But remember to always keep it light, you don’t to be an over-sharer.

  • Offer Unique Insight

Try to avoid just being another brand that’s sharing generic content. All that does is add “noise” to people’s newsfeeds. Get noticed by sharing your unique expertise, perspective and point-of-view with your readers. This will prevent of your posts from getting lost in the shuffle and being overlooked.

  • Variety

If you want your content to be popular with readers you need to keep them wanting more. Sharing stories that cover a variety of topics (that are still relevant to your brand) are a great way to keep people interested in your message.

  • Diversify

The easiest way to craft content that sells is by using a few different mediums to talk to your audience. Try adding more than one social media platforms to your brand’s repertoire. By doing so you can branch out from text intensive platforms and mix it up with videos, images, graphics, quotes and more.

  • Streamline

A general rule to follow when creating written content is to make sure it’s not too long. Because no one likes reading stuff that’s too wordy and overly complicated. So don’t be afraid to streamline your posts by shortening your sentences and breaking up the text into paragraphs.

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