Best Apps To Copy Your Data To New iPhone 11

Best Apps To Copy Your Data To New iPhone 11

by Johnny S

Smartphones have been evolving since their inception. Brimmed with features and boasting high-end specifications, people are constantly looking to shift from their current phone to a better and improvised version.

iPhone 11 is one of the trending smartphones these days that a majority of buyers are inclining towards. Whether it is the sleek design or impeccable features, iPhone 11 has shortly risen to its current fame. Shifting to a new phone means all your data has been transferred to your new phone. Data transfer to new iPhone could be seamless if your previous phone was iOS powered. In case you were an Android owner earlier and made a switch to new iPhone. It can be quite frustrating and irritating to transfer all your important files from your Android to transfer. You need to share your pictures, videos and transfer text messages from Android to iPhone. Everything can be possible if you know the appropriate means.

Best Ways To Transfer Data From Your Android To iOS

Brought your new iPhone 11? Great, what about all your valuable data in your Android phone? Data transfer to new iPhone can be a strenuous process if you don’t know the right way. Below are some of the best ways through which you can transfer all your important data from your old Android phone to the new iPhone.

  1. fone – Switch

While there are many apps allowing data transfer to new iPhone, dr. Fone is one incredible app that has made the entire process a lot simpler. dr. fone offers wireless data transfer allowing users to transfer data from Android to iOS and vice versa seamlessly. There are many special features of dr. fone you must be acquainted with, such as being the world’s 1st iPhone data recovery software that lets you transfer data across the cross-operating system. No matter what you want to transfer and how you want it to be transferred, dr. fone has made the procedures simpler for you. Dr. fone is compatible with all smartphone devices, including Apple, Samsung, ZTE, Motorola, HTC, and so on. Within a few clicks and scrolls, you can have all your relevant data transferred to your new iPhone 11.

  1. Shareit

If you have been wondering how to transfer pictures from one phone to another or it is it possible to transfer data to new iPhone 11 from an Android device, then there’s an app that resolves all your concern. Shareit is one of the most popular apps in the market that has been known as the most reliable application for safe data transfer. The app allows data transfer to new iPhone from an Android device. You just simply need to install the app on both devices and establish connectivity between them and start sharing all the relevant data. It’s that simple, no rocket science. Shareit is a widely used app to share data between cross operating systems. The app is known for its high transferring speed and its versatile features of data transfer. Another major feature of Shareit app is that it allows offline transfer as well, which means you don’t need an internet connection now to get your data transferred.

  1. Google Drive

It is always important to safe-keep your data, whether on Android or iOS devices. And what’s a better place than Google to store all your data. Google Drive is the most efficient way to transfer all your data from Android to a new iPhone. It provides an amazing storage space of 15 GB that accommodates all your relevant phone data, including photos, documents, videos, etc. Whether in Android or iOS, your data remains safe in Google Drive. When needed, you can just log in to your Google Drive from any device, and you can get access to all the data that you needed. Security is the most efficient feature of Google Drive, you just need to backup your phone storage, and it will take care of your data by keeping it safe and secured.

Whether you have switched to a new operating system or continuing with your existing OS with a new device, transferring data is the most frustrating process. If you are switching from Android to iOS, things can get a lot more difficult. Data transferring from one phone to another can be made simpler if you know the appropriate means of doing so.

There are several ways to transfer data to new iPhone 11 from your Android device. Some of the best ways were mention above. Make your choice and transfer your important data effortlessly.

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