5 Ways to Keep Employees From Getting Sick at Outdoor Company Holiday Events

5 Ways to Keep Employees From Getting Sick at Outdoor Company Holiday Events

by Brooke

When you are having an outdoor holiday event for your employees, you will want to protect the health of your workers. It is important to plan for outdoor events properly by following safety guidelines and sanitation standards. If your employees are healthy after a celebration, then you won’t need to worry about having individuals who can’t arrive for work the next day. Here are five ways to protect your employees at outdoor company holiday events.

Food Safety Guidelines

Your company event will likely have an assortment of food, but you must use proper food safety guidelines. You might hire caterers who will bring various types of foods to the event, but it is essential to keep certain foods cold while other foods must remain hot. In addition, you won’t want any contamination from pests, including insects or rodents. Be sure that your caterers and food providers are following proper food safety guidelines.

Proper Party Tent Placements

Choose a safe place for the portable tents for your employees to have the holiday event. Make sure that the plastic tents are set up correctly so that the items won’t fall down during the middle of a party. Have a plan in place for inclement weather conditions, such as high winds that can knock down the tents or torrential rains that can fill the tent’s roof with water. You can also have patio heaters inside the tents to keep your employees warmer, helping to prevent colds and chills.

Clean Restroom Facilities

It is vital to have clean restroom facilities that your employees can access easily. Call a company that provides portable toilets, like Afford A Potty, for events, and arrange to have enough of these items for your invited guests. The company that brings these items to the party site is responsible for making sure that the restrooms are clean and sanitized and that the booths have bathroom tissue.

Have Hand-washing Stations

To prevent the transmission of bacteria and viruses, you will want to have hand-washing stations available for your employees who are attending the party along with the workers who are serving foods and beverages. You can have hand-washing stations placed at the event, and you can have some of these near the restroom facilities while others are near the areas where beverages and foods are served.

Choose Foods that Wont Cause Allergic Reactions

While planning a menu for the foods served at a holiday event, you should think about the ingredients that can cause allergic reactions. Consider the most common allergens, such as nuts, wheat, or seafood so that you can avoid serving anything that would cause a severe allergic reaction.

Last, you should limit alcohol consumption at a party to prevent any illnesses, and some experts suggest not offering any alcoholic beverages at a company event. This also keeps your employees safer when traveling home.

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