5 Common Restaurant Uniform Mistakes Owners Should Avoid

5 Common Restaurant Uniform Mistakes Owners Should Avoid

by Johnny S

Running a restaurant is all about creating an image. With the right effort, your restaurant can look professional, trendy, and appealing to every customer. Your staff’s uniforms are a key part of this branding. Quality uniforms can help your employees complete their jobs while representing your restaurant.

Since there are so many restaurant uniform options out there, companies like Jobeline allow you to select the perfect pieces for your staff. However, certain mistakes may be holding your restaurant’s image back. The following are some of the most common uniform mishaps that restaurant owners make and how you can avoid them.

The uniforms look too casual

Some restaurants, such as delis and coffee shops, might have more casual uniform requirements. However, this is not always the case. If you want your restaurant to look high-end or trendy, you need to outfit your employees to demonstrate that look.

Rather than choosing a t-shirt and jeans, select a collared shirt, slacks, and an apron for servers, counter staff, and baristas. Provide each employee with several uniforms, so they can look neat and put together during every shift. By formalizing employee uniforms, you can give your business a more formal look.

You forget the back of house

When picking out employee uniforms, the front-of-house staff might be your first thought. You want your customer-facing employees to look as professional as possible to give the right first impression. However, it’s important to think about your staff as a whole.

By helping all of your employees look their best, you can boost morale and ensure that each part of the operation represents the business brand. And if a publication wants to feature your restaurant, your staff (and the overall aesthetic) will be ready for the cameras in the kitchen.

The clothing isn’t functional

When designing your restaurant’s kitchen, you ensured that each portion was stylish and functional. The main dining area represents your business aesthetic while keeping guests comfortable. The building’s exterior is eye-catching and accessible.

The same principles should apply to restaurant uniforms. Put effort into the overall look of the outfit, but be sure that your staff can move comfortably and do their jobs effectively as well. This goes for the footwear as well as the clothing.

The colors are too vibrant

The restaurant’s atmosphere, food, and customers should be the focus of your establishment — not the employees. While you want your employees to look their best, colors play a significant role in ensuring professionalism. Even if your restaurant’s brand colors are bright and eye-catching, the uniforms should likely be more subtle.

For example, you could run a juice bar with bright green and orange accents. Rather than outfitting your staff in these colors, consider ordering black polo shirts with a small, bright logo. Doing so puts the focus on your business as a whole.

You don’t stay current

As with any fashion trends, uniform styles change with time. So be sure to keep up with the latest uniform design best practices. While industrial aprons may be the look for today’s breweries, this style could change in the next five years. You can keep your business more trendy and relevant by making adjustments with time.

However, timeless classics like polos and button-down shirts are always a safe bet. If you aren’t sure what’s best for your industry, take a look at what your competitors are choosing for uniforms. Then get creative and make your own version.

Designing the employee uniforms can be the final detail on your restaurant’s image. The right outfit can give a professional first impression and help your restaurant stand out from the competition. When they are dressed the part, your employees can also feel like a unified unit and bring their best professionalism to work each day.

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