4 Ways to Increase Employee Retention

4 Ways to Increase Employee Retention

by Brooke

Your employees are the lifeblood of your business. When you have the right ones that remain loyal to your company, you can do some amazing things in your industry. However, when you find yourself constantly dealing with employee retention, it can seem like a never-ending uphill battle. Here are four tactics that you should consider utilizing to keep employees happy and hanging around your business for a long time.

Construct the Right Culture

When interviewing employees, it can be easy to get stuck on matters like their academic qualifications and experience. While these are important to consider, they’re not the only qualifications you need to look at. You want to hire people who mesh with your existing staff members and your culture. If you want your business to have a formal, strict culture, then hire employees who fit the bill. If you want your culture to be more relaxed, then hire employees who are more laid-back individuals.

Be Flexible

Employees are not robots. They have times where they may need to leave early or want to spend the day working from home. Be flexible with your employees and allow for requests that don’t hinder their ability to do work. You may find that over-controlling their daily activities tend to make employees feel more restrained throughout the day. Allowing them to take a longer lunch break to get out of the office on a particularly hard day will do wonders for showing your employees that you’re human and that you know they’re human too.

Provide Further Education

All too often, businesses stop thinking about the education of their employees once they’re hired. While it’s important to hire employees who have the necessary training and experience to do the job at hand, that shouldn’t be the end of their education. Good employees want to remain actively engaged in their job. Send them to learning retreats and offer online learning courses so that they can continue to advance in their area of work. You can also take advantage of staffing offices to hire short-term employees who you can ‘test out’ on projects and with small amounts of training. Temp employees can become loyal full-time hires, as they essentially had a ‘training period’ to see if they would really mesh with the company and have already been trained on some aspect of your business. Show employees that you invest in their education and they’ll show respect in and loyalty in return.

Pay Well

Other than culture, one of the biggest reasons that employees will leave a job is because they don’t feel they’re getting paid enough. It’s important to make sure that your pay is above average. When you show employees that you’re willing to pay more to invest in good quality employees, they feel respected and are more likely to stay for the long term. Don’t ever let pay be the reason for losing a good employee that brings needed productivity to your business.

Keeping good employees around is harder than you may think. Just providing a paycheck each week doesn’t get the job done anymore. Employees should be viewed as an asset to your company. By utilizing the four strategies above, you can assist in making your employees feel more appreciated, which will help them stay with your company even longer.

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