4 Tips to Creating a Private Space for Your At-Home Business

4 Tips to Creating a Private Space for Your At-Home Business

by Brooke

Your dream of working from home is about to become a reality. This move provides you with perks such as being able to save on your commute, and it also allows you to be able to set up your preferred work environment. However, there are also some things that you need to plan for as you create your office, such as blocking out distractions. Setting up your home office with privacy in mind allows you to stay focused on your work while protecting other people’s needs for confidentiality.

Find an Appropriate Room

Your home office needs to be in its own separate space that does not cause confusion among your family members. For some people, a large closet or storage area works well for a home office but this might not work if yours does not have the proper electrical connections for you to run equipment such as your computer. A spare bedroom or secondary living area tends to work well for your home office, and it is best if it is enclosed by four walls with a door.

Choose the Right Window Coverings

Finding the right balance between letting natural light into your office and maintaining your privacy can be tricky. Look for window coverings that provide the best of both worlds. For instance, Somfy external vertical screens and interior blinds allow you to control how much sunlight comes into your office when you want to increase productivity. You can also pull them closed to eliminate distractions and keep other people from seeing inside.

Consider Noise Control

You don’t want others to hear potentially confidential conversations as you work, and you also don’t want clients and colleagues to hear your family’s activities in the other room. Check out how soundproof the office space is in your home. If you can hear street noise or your kids playing in the living room, then you may need to add some soundproofing materials to the room. Adding a few canvas wall hangings can help with noise control, and you can also use acoustic soundboards to further block out noise.

Make It Off-Limits to Others

Your home office needs to be respected as a place where you work. Try not to mix business with pleasure by inviting guests to spend time with you in the other parts of your house. You may also need to talk to your kids about respecting the privacy of your home office. Making sure that your office is off-limits to other people helps you know that everything is exactly as you need it when it is time to start your work tasks.

Once your home office is set up, give it a trial run by doing a few non-essential tasks on your first day. This allows you to make minor adjustments to the set up to make sure that everything is perfect for you to enjoy your new work arrangements.


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