3 Ways to Take Your Marketing Strategy to the Next Level

3 Ways to Take Your Marketing Strategy to the Next Level

by Johnny S

Marketing is the core of any business, without it there is no customer reach or market domination. A business can have the most innovative product or service but see lackluster customer activity if the marketing strategy falls short of innovation. Conversely, an average product or service can become hugely successful with a convincing marketing strategy that targets the right audience in an unexpected way that captures attention and is convincing.

Now imagine a third scenario in which an innovative offering is backed by an equally innovative marketing strategy. The possibilities would be endless! If the time has come to step up the content, explore these three ways to take your marketing strategy to the next level.

Personal Touch

Unsolicited emails are annoying and the first messages to be ignored and deleted from an inbox. Marketing messages need to stand out from the ‘spam’ messages and the easiest way to achieve this is to put the customer’s name in the subject line of the email. Also be sure to include their name in the introduction of the email as well.

Customers never enjoy feeling generic or like a number, and receiving automated email responses doesn’t help. Instead of sending responses to customers from generic department email addresses, send replies from an account that uses an actual human being’s name.

Call out people, companies, or accounts relevant to any social media posts in order to increase reach. Any accounts tagged with not only receive alerts, but they can in turn re-post a message that will be seen by their unique set of customers and followers. The more people engaged in a post, the more free exposure a business gets.

Enhance the User Experience 

Increasingly brands are incorporating design-thinking and are becoming people-focused. A brand needs a personality and should find a way to showcase user experience. Understand what customers need and want, create simple solutions, then continually rethink and redesign said solution until it reaches an innovative level.

People identify most with brands that are authentic, fun, and exciting. The likelihood of customers responding well to pushy or overbearing brands is minimal, and instead of being remembered positively or at all, out of touch brands will quickly ignored. Think about what the brand embodies and represents, and think about the characteristics of the team behind the brand. These factors should all come together to craft a personable brand that will pique customer attention and interest.

Persistent Consistency 

Adopting new techniques takes persistence until the reaction becomes positive and holds steady. Never feel defeated if there is not an immediate customer reaction; tangible results take time to achieve. Be consistent with timed social media posts, send periodic newsletters, use quality content, and remember to routinely interact with the customer base. Trial and error is part of the process, so patience is important, but do recognize inefficient strategies and learn from them, never repeat them.

A great example of consistent timing is ringless voicemail drop. Stratics Networks invented ringless voicemail technology allowing users to create a voicemail recording, upload mobile or landline numbers, and set the pace at which ringless voice messages are sent to customers. Ringless voicemail drops allow a server to deliver non-intrusive messages directly into a carrier’s voicemail server.

Messages will not disturb customers since no traditional call is placed, and they can read or listen to these marketing messages at their leisure. Stratics Networks offers users four unique delivery methods, real time reporting, live transfers, and compliance tools, all unlimited and for no extra charge. Best of all, since no traditional calls are made, subscribers will never be billed for contacts.

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