3 Technology Trends that are Benefitting Small Businesses

3 Technology Trends that are Benefitting Small Businesses

by Johnny S

Technology is something that has made its mark on every industry out there. Whether it has completely revolutionized the industry or simply helped to streamline processes, it has made its mark on a global scale. With that said there are some technology processes and tools that are proving to be noteworthy, especially where small businesses are concerned. As a small business owner, it can be useful to not only stay up-to-date on the trends but look for ways you can implement them into your own business.

So what technology is worth taking notice of if you are a small business owner? Here are three trends that you’ll want to familiarize yourself with.

3D Laser Scanning

If you’re familiar with the concept of scanning documents, then it’s time to take everything you know and throw it out the window. Today’s technology has moved so fast scanning documents that it’s actually pretty incredible.

One of the hottest trends out there right now is 3D laser scanning, which manages to reduce the time it takes to get your product to market, provides incredibly accurate results, and even saves companies money. Companies such as Laser Design are able to not only conduct fast and accurate 3D laser scanning, but then deliver it to clients in a variety of formats such as AutoCAD, CAE/CAM, Rhino, SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, IDEAS, UG, and more.

By creating a 3D laser scan that information can then be used to create tools, composite blends, tooling verification, NURBS curves and surfaces, and plenty more.

Cyber Security Tools

Now you don’t have to be a small business to be concerned about this technology trend, as cybersecurity is a crime that has no boundaries. It can affect businesses of any size and in any industry, stealing confidential data, documents, technology, plans, contact lists, and even money. When cybercriminals are looking for their next victim/business they tend to seek out those who have poor security measures in place. This is exactly why it’s so important to take control of your company’s security and make it a priority.

Today you will find a wide range of software that is dedicated to helping prevent cybercriminals from accessing your data, and of course, there are other prevention steps business owners can also take.

The Role of Social Media in Marketing and Advertising

Then we have the role of social media in terms of a company’s marketing and advertising efforts. Today companies are well-advised to put together a well-thought-out digital marketing plan that includes social media efforts.

Platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube have not only transformed how people share and access information, but they have changed how companies go about advertising and reaching new customers. These platforms make it possible to engage with customers in a much more effective way, and you can reach incredibly broad audiences all in one swoop.

Embracing the Trends

While not every trend that comes along will be a winner and worth your time, these technology-based trends are certainly worth small businesses investigating them further.

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