3 Reasons Why a Local TV Commercial Could Be the Right Marketing Move for You

3 Reasons Why a Local TV Commercial Could Be the Right Marketing Move for You

by Brooke

With online advertising continuing to grow at an astounding pace, it may seem like investing in television advertising is a waste of money. There’s a reason, though, that advertisers are willing to pay millions of dollars to have their ads aired during the Super Bowl: television advertising still works. To help you effectively utilize your advertising budget, here are three reasons why a local TV commercial could be the right marketing move for your business.


To be sure, there are those who do all they can to skip commercials. For everyone else, though, your local TV commercial will be front and center before thousands of potential customers. Unlike online advertising, where your advertisement competes against a crowded web page, TV commercials make your business the main focus. Additionally, a commercial allows you to draw customers in using visual and aural stimuli, meaning a potential customer is more likely to be drawn-in and to remember your message after the commercial has aired. If you don’t want to get lost in the crowd, television advertising is the way to go.


Given the use of cookies, online advertising is able to be hyper-targeted to specific customers. However, television advertising can be just as targeted, meaning you’re not wasting your advertising budget to show your product or service to people who will likely never buy it. Utilizing audience targeted TV advertising services, you can match your business to programs that tend to be viewed by the appropriate audience. Advertising firms have access to loads of data regarding the viewership of every program on television, meaning you can have confidence that your commercial will be seen by the people who need to see it.


Unlike national television advertising campaigns, a local TV commercial can help you connect on a deeper level with people in your local area. Since your commercial will only be shown to a select viewing area, you can add elements to your commercial that show your pride in the local area. This can help improve your reputation in the community as people see you as a solid member of the community that seeks to improve the lives of everyone there. This type of human connection is all but impossible using online advertising since it’s quite difficult to tell the origins of a specific company.

Ultimately, a local TV commercial should be part of a range of advertising techniques. Email, online ads, TV commercials, direct mail, and a host of other options are available to you to help you effectively connect with your customers. By trying different methods and closely monitoring their efficacy, you can soon arrive at the best mix that helps stretch your advertising budget even further.

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