Why You Should Be Focusing On Your Telephone Service Over Email For Customers

Why You Should Be Focusing On Your Telephone Service Over Email For Customers

by Mike W

A recent survey showed some fascinating findings that reveal the phone to be the most popular way consumers contact companies and service providers. Yes, to your surprise, it appears that hearing a human’s voice over seeing it typed out on a computer is still most preferable to people. In fact, four out of five people would rather speak to a human for customer service than a computer.

This just goes to show how valuable telephone services are for customers even in this digital age. Therefore, if you want to discover how to best serve customers on this medium of communication, keep reading as you will discover some great advice.

You can also invest in a trained company that handles calls for you. For instance, there’s an Office HQ call answering service based in Sydney. They are a virtual receptionist and phone answering service company who have been catering to providing brilliant customer-centric solutions since 2003.

Lets see why telephone calls firstly are still so important in this modern-day world.  

  • It’s easier to gauge someone’s emotional reactions and respond accordingly.
  • Email can trigger a reactive, inappropriate response.
  • Email slows down the communication process.

As you can see, telephone definitely trumps email over a number of things. Emails are often difficult to keep consistent conversations and may be tricky if something questionable has been said. Telephones are real-time, direct and a great way to communicate with customers.

Let’s now see how you can up your telephone game or utilize this method of interaction more fully so you can take hold of every potential.

Making The Most Out Of Phone Calls With Customers  

Evidence shows that not only will phone calls lead to more sales but they may also trigger other avenues of consumer interest. This might be going directly to the company’s website or carrying out further searches on their mobile.

  • Carry out telephone training

Staff should receive training to ensure they can carry out effective phone conversations and engage with customers in an authentic way. Nothing too strict but maybe an occasional listening and follow-up session can go a long way.

  • Ensure your voice embodies the brand’s tone

The brand’s personality should always reflect well and be recognizable when the customer speaks to a representative on the phone. Think of the brands you love shopping with and the companies you don’t mind calling. We bet you a huge reason why you love them so much is because their customer service goes above and beyond to make you feel valued.

  • Always ask if they need any more help

Even when they are ready to hang up the phone, double checking if there are any other ways you can help the customer is crucial. This is the lasting sentence that will leave an impression on the person. It goes a long way and will ensure they put down the phone feeling good.

Putting these actions into place during phone calls can have a positive impact on the results you see.

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