Why Cover Letter Is Important With A Perfect Resume?

Why Cover Letter Is Important With A Perfect Resume?

by Dominic L

During my job hunting days, I use to apply for every vacancy I see, whether it be on newspaper or social media sites.  Most of the organizations request a cover letter while some were just content with the simple resume. The thing that came to my observance that employee prefers resumes with a cover letter as I received a majority of the calls from those firms that requested a cover letter. A cover letter is a great weapon to fight the battle in the market in order to attain a position we want as it provides the glimpses of the personality to the recruiter.

Why Cover Letter Is Important With A Perfect Resume?

A cover letter assists an employer in determining if the background of a candidate is a match for the firm. No matter how in-depth the resume or CV might be, it cannot beat the power of a well-written cover letter. Many individuals have realized that a killer cover letter is extremely crucial, therefore, they seek the service of online Professional cover letter writing service. A cover letter is a more humane and unique approach towards targeting the job position that you aim for.

There are following reasons that a cover letter plays in securing a position in your dream organization:

  1. It creates a first impressive impression on the hiring manager. A concise and compelling cover letter provides an opportunity to the individual to make himself stand out from the crowd of other applicants.
  2. It shows the unique combination of characteristics that the individual possess. A cover letter links the knowledge, abilities, and experience of the candidate with the need of the employer.
  3. The tone of the letter gives away the personality traits of the person, and the recruiter of the firm decides if the candidate could be of value to the team or not. It discloses the recruiter that why you are the best fit for the job. A cover letter captures the interest of the reader and encourages them to further read your resume.
  4. When it is sent along with a resume it shows how determined an individual is the opportunity. A cover letter tells why your skills and knowledge are relevant to the job position you are aiming for.Why Cover Letter Is Important With A Perfect Resume?
  5. A cover letter can help you in scheduling an interview with the employer. One of the techniques used by the candidates is that they write a date and a time at the end of the cover letter that eradicates the waiting time and fastens up the process of being hired.
  6. A cover letter explains things better than your resume. A resume shows only your accomplishment but it does not provide the reasoning of the path you choose because one is made to sacrifice some information due to length. Therefore, a cover letter can explain all this in a positive way.

The main purpose of a cover letter is to establish a friendly rapport with the recruiter. A good cover letter with a perfect resume increases your odds for landing an interview. Therefore, it needs to be a fundamental part of our job hunting strategy.

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