Personal Growth: Why Public Speaking Skills Are So Important?

Personal Growth: Why Public Speaking Skills Are So Important?

by Jodie S

Do you cringe at the thought of having to speak before other people? Many of us can talk confidently among the people we are familiar with. But when one needs to, say, make a presentation before the board, you can feel the fear creep in as your confidence wanes.

However, mastering your public speaking skills is not only good for your career and business, but for your personal growth too. As a business person, it is not enough to produce a quality product. You also need to convince others to purchase it.

Warren Buffet even states that learning public speaking improves the value of a person by 50%. That means you are missing out on numerous opportunities by succumbing to your fear of public speaking. Even rephrase website, stress the importance of communication.

If you aren’t convinced yet, here are some of the benefits and importance of public speaking skills.

Increases Your Confidence

We all know that gaining self-esteem and knowing your worth, often depends on what others think about us. Though, it shouldn’t be the case. Honing your public speaking skills makes you more comfortable around others.

In that, in a particular conversation, the ability to understand what others are thinking will help you know when and how to change the conversation to your advantage. It also improves the ease of communication with others.

Compared to competence, confidence is more compelling.

Promotes Professional Growth

Personal Growth Why Public Speaking Skills Are So Important

To be a leader in any field, e.g rephrasing website services, you have to be able to influence others. It helps you communicate effectively with your colleagues, boss, or even employees. And proper communication is vital in any business.

A leader can communicate his or her ideas effectively, to help in influencing decisions, motivate change, and also in fostering connections. It positions you as an expert in a particular field. As your proficiency increases; so will it cause your confidence, to soar.

With confidence, you can stand up to criticism, and not break.

Increases Knowledge

Say, you have to make a presentation to the directors, on why the company needs to invest in a specific product. Well, you should be ready to answer some difficult questions. The best way to handle this is knowing your content.

It will not just make the content a leading presentation. It is also the chance to familiarize yourself with the ins and out of the subject matter. You don’t want to fumble with words as you present to the board, do you?

The ability to articulate your ideas shows that you know what you are talking about, in your speech.

Attract Opportunities

Personal Growth Why Public Speaking Skills Are So Important

In a crowd, we instantly notice those who stand out. You don’t have to be the loudest in the room or the best dressed. If you can speak and communicate your message to people, it makes you visible.

Once people take notice of you, you don’t know what doors it will open. You can attract numerous opportunities by being able to speak and deliver your message to an audience. It can also be the deciding factor on whether or not you get the job or a raise.

If you are good in public speaking, it shows that you are knowledgeable.

You will need to do it at some point

You cannot escape it, one day, you will need to make a speech, and there will be no other way around it. Don’t panic! It is a good thing that you have to; you could be making a speech on the wedding day of your child.

It could be you are reaching out to potential customers for your business. A person who is capable of speaking in public stands out from other people. A public speaking opportunity is a chance to grow your influence, leadership, and career.

Increases Power

Personal Growth Why Public Speaking Skills Are So Important

Every business owner needs the ability to influence their staff to undertake a task and see it to completion. They shouldn’t act on something because of the title you have. It should be more because you can impact them at the emotional level.

That means you need to work on your persuasion skills, and personal power. Whether you are a supervisor or just the team leader, influence that comes from the individual power you wield is essential. And that comes from mastering your public speaking skills.

Ability to Influence

You can use the influence you have to foster change in your community, company or society. In this age, we are faced with different challenges that need addressing. From climate change, inequality to education.

Public speaking will help you to pass the message across. It is the first step in making the change. For something significant to happen, you first need to transfer the idea from one person to another.

It is so because speaking is an act of persuasion, which you need to make others want to move mountains with you.

Increases Empathy

Personal Growth Why Public Speaking Skills Are So Important

You won’t learn empathy from school, but you need it to be a great leader. It is about being able to identify with others. Public speaking will increase your EQ (emotional intelligence). You learn how to relate to the audience by understanding them and reading what they think.

When you understand your audience, only then can you impact them and be effective in passing the intended message.


It isn’t easy to stand up and speak before an audience. Better yet, you may be the kind of person who doesn’t mind getting an online rephraser but cannot speak before others. But for you to influence others and become the leader you believe you can be, then, you need to work on your public speaking skills. Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to up your public speaking skills? Tell us how you got through this.

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