No Country For Young Men (Employment Problems in UAE)

No Country For Young Men (Employment Problems in UAE)

by Dominic L

Unemployment has been the forefront of debate for a decade now. But the joblessness of the young people is considered a far more endemic feature of modern economies. The recently introduced policies in UAE have created a chaos in all its cities. The tools that are being used to combat the effects of them have not been a success. The rising tide of unemployment needs to be eliminated in order to eradicate the problem from the root. All this has a great hit on different sectors of the industries. Although the availability of new job seems to be scarce the outlook of job seekers in UAE looks favorable as there are opportunities and demand in UAE for certain skills and experience.

No Country For Young Men (Employment Problems in UAE)

The biggest change is observed in demand of the companies that are linked to the designing sector. A gigantic portion of youth is found to be either a web designer or custom logo designer due to increased demand in this sector. The unemployment problem is UAE is considered the lowest but there are certain factors that thwart the employment of young men in the country which are detailed below:

No Country For Young Men (Employment Problems in UAE)


The problem in UAE regarding unemployment lies in lack of new occupations. UAE government should adopt strategies to concur a policy that could diminish the rate of unemployment among the youths.


The recent policy uprising has also resulted in the economic inequality and social chaos in the form of increased expectation, engagement level and changes in the public emotion. UAE must come up with socio-political framing with innovative thinking and responses. Political turmoil has added fuel to the unemployment tension of UAE. The changes occurring in the immigration, Arab employment contract and the limited and unlimited period is also the factor.

No Country For Young Men (Employment Problems in UAE)


UAE unemployment problem is because it comprises of the over-saturated public sector with a surplus of talent but lacks in knowledge worker. Majority of who is non-UAE. This creates a problem in the form of unemployment.


UAE infrastructure also serves as a stone in resolving the unemployment issue. The lack of opportunity for people to make a radical contribution also serves as a social disruption among the young people raising the issue of unemployment.


The organization also faces mobility difficulties when relocating their employees. Organizations are now required to give careful consideration on how to structure the documentation and alleviate the risk and challenges.

No Country For Young Men (Employment Problems in UAE)


One of the main problems in UAE is that students lack the proper understanding and knowledge on the labor market which helps them in deciding their career aspirations which in all results in surplus people in a certain field.

The government in UAE is working to provide a setup where the share of knowledge-based workers increases. It has designed and adopted the policies to empower the young natives. Employers are also working to build the fresh pipeline and to equip the potential employees with the exact skills required for the performing of the job. One way to eradicate the problem of unemployment is to provide the organization a payroll tax break. Small organizations should be given ease because they are the key drivers of all new young employment. Further, the young people on the outlook of private jobs should be changed through educational campaigns. UAE is also updating its data on labor market which encompass employers, job seekers, and job opportunities.


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