Most Common Mistakes at a New Job and How to Avoid Them

Most Common Mistakes at a New Job and How to Avoid Them

by Jodie S

Landing a new job is an exciting experience. For graduates, it’s now time to be part of the workforce, full-time. For some it may be a career move into a field they have always felt is their calling.

Now, it’s never easy to be the “new” person in the team, group, just as you felt like an outsider as the new kid on the block. Though the promise of a thrilling experience pumps you up, there are a few bumps you will face as you adapt. The first day can be especially overwhelming.

It’s a period where you will have a combination of emotions, excitement and confusion alike. The same feeling you had perhaps when looking for letter writing service during the job hunting process. Presenting yourself in the right way is essential.

It will set the tone, for your future, in the company. Outlined below are some of the mistakes, many of us make on a new job:

Acting like you know everything

It is true that the business is lucky to have a hire with your talents. To acclimate yourself to the culture of the company, you have to listen and be ready to learn. Know that it is okay to say, you don’t know.

Ask others about their expectations, and how things are done in the organization. It shows your willingness to learn. Faking it may only result in making mistakes, which your new boss may not take kindly.

Making your Mark on Work Culture

We all understand the importance of an excellent letter of recommendation colleague. It is to add more weight and flavor to your cover letter. Many a time, new hires try to blaze their trail, on the job.

One disregards the office dress code, has no clue what rules apply regarding music and use of the internet, among other things. Get to know the norms of the business. Know what time you should report to work and when you can leave.

Get to understand why the office operates the way it does before you start recommending changes.

Excessive Talk about previous company

When talking about your past experiences in old jobs, you need to tread with care. Your new employer may not welcome constant comparisons between current and former positions. I bet you have noticed this when you enter a new relationship.

Also, avoid speaking negatively about your old coworkers, boss, job, etc. Your current colleagues may become apprehensive about you. After all, who knows what you’ll say about them when you move to another new position or job?

Fear of Failure

For you to leave a mark, be ready to make mistakes. In the tech industry, in particular, failure is praised as it is an invaluable experience. Let your failures be opportunities to learn and grow.

When starting a new job, some things will just fail. It won’t make you less valuable. When you fail, pick yourself up and learn from it. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Being proactive is encouraged, own your mistake and come up with a plan to rectify it.

Procrastinating or Speeding through the Benefits Package

It can be confusing to select the optimal 401k contribution or the ideal healthcare plan. Some companies may give you a short time to apply for their health care. You need to give it the priority it deserves.

Ask questions about the proper way to plan for your 401k. You can also seek the services of a financial planner for advice on how you can set up your investment. Take advantage of the benefits that the company offers its employees.

Friending all Your Coworkers

On your first few days, you should be able to distinguish between befriending and being friendly towards coworkers. You should be able to separate your personal and professional life. If you friend the whole team in the first week, it may come off as disingenuous, or even insecure.

Connect with those you have already established a relationship. Understand the culture, familiarize with your colleagues, then, choose the right platform to engage with them. Take time before you connect with your colleagues on social media.

Not knowing when to say “no.”

As you accustom yourself with the new job, it is tempting to desire to do everything for everyone. Sometimes is fear that saying no may make you lose your relationships with coworkers. In the beginning, train yourself to focus on the tasks assigned to you.

Take on additional responsibility if you have accomplished your duties and well. Overextending can cause you to miss deadlines and make mistakes. Be helpful to others, but know when to draw a line.


It could be challenging to decide on which professional letter writer service to choose. So is your first few days in a new job. Avoid the above mistakes and make your time to adapt to the office dynamics, less overwhelming.

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