Metal Roofing–Is It Worth It?

Metal Roofing–Is It Worth It?

by Johnny S

If you’re wondering what material to choose for your new roof, have you considered metal? This is a viable option which seems expensive initially, but provides a better opportunity to get a return on your investment. A metal roof can be laid over the top of your existing foundation, and is fast becoming a popular choice.

There are many reasons why, and to help you make an informed decision, here are some top advantages of choosing metal roofing.

Life Expectancy

Metal roofing is long-lasting. It can last for 50 years or more, which is three times longer than conventional roofing. Metal is a tough material, and its longevity has a lot to do with it being weather resistant. Being unphased by strong winds, heat, rain, and snow, metal has a much better chance of standing the test of time. Rain and snow simply slides off the surface, and though some debris can build up, this can be alleviated with a quick hose down.


Metal is a stylish material, and you can choose various add-ons to complement your home’s theme. Perforated metal can be bent to create aesthetically pleasing additions to your metal roof, using the same material as Perforated Tubes at Perf Tubes. With a stylish outlook, you’ll create an environment you’re proud to call your own and can showcase the beauty of your property.


Metal used in roofing is lightweight, which makes it easy to install while placing less strain on your building. This actually encourages insurance companies to reduce home insurance policies, and if you elect professional installation of agricultural metal at Everlast Roofing, the process is cheaper, and much easier. This means your house can be renovated in a smooth and fast fashion.

Heat Conduction

Metal reflects the sun’s heat, which means your home will stay cool during hot periods. This is an ideal attribute that makes the investment well worth it and will usefully help you save on air conditioning builds. This makes metal an energy-efficient material. There’s nothing worse than being too hot indoors.

Fire Safety

Metal prevents the spread of fire, as a non-combustible material. Though many think metal can attract lightning, because your roof is ungrounded, it won’t at all. Lightning seeks a route to the ground, and won’t find it through your house.

Saves Money

Metal roofing is pricey, but as mentioned earlier has a high return on investment. Its durability means it outlasts other materials, adding significant value to your property. You’ll also save on your energy bill, so you’ll recover the initial outlay indirectly.

Environmentally Friendly

Metal roofing is usually made from recycled content, so you’ll be doing your bit to save the environment. Its lightweight nature means the cost of transporting materials to your house will be reduced, and since metal is energy efficient, you’ll reduce your environmental impact. This aligns with green initiatives that are commonplace in society. Since your roof will probably be recyclable or disposable, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint further.


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