How To Use A Virtual Receptionist Effectively

How To Use A Virtual Receptionist Effectively

by Mike W

A virtual receptionist can be a great help for any business, especially one that finds its getting snowed under with work. However, when it comes to seeking a good virtual receptionist not all are created equal.

Reception HQ virtual reception service is one that sets themselves apart from the crowd due to the high level of work they deliver. Their team of receptionists provide a top-level service and deliver exceptional customer service with every interaction.

Here are some top tips when using virtual receptionists so you can get the most from your money.

Top Tips For Using A Virtual Receptionist

  • Record a Real Voice for the Answering Machine Message

Even with a virtual team, there may still be times when there are extremely high call volumes. This means that you will want your customer to hear a human voice whenever possible before the live advisor can answer. This will make their experience as positive as possible. So, when setting the menu options, choose a real human voice to add warmth when people call.

  • Be Cautious of what you say

The words you choose can either draw people in or push them further away. Consider how the receptionist will respond to the customers, greet them, reply to certain questions, and more. You will want to prepare for various scenarios to cover as many bases as possible.

This way you can provide a consistent level of brilliant customer service. For example, when picking up the phone add a personal touch by including a warm salutation and using the person’s name.

  • Keep it Simple

You don’t want to make things harder than they have to be for the customer. Make sure they get to where they want to be as soon as possible. Whenever there is a pre-recorded menu, ensure the options are clearly laid out so the customer knows where to go.

  • Check in with the Stats

Looking at how long customers are on the line for is a great indication on how efficiently you are answering their needs. These benchmarks provide interesting and helpful insights into what you can be doing to improve.

  • Make sure you Instruct the Service Clearly

Any virtual receptionist you hire relies on the training and instructions given to do their job. This means that the onus is on the business to deliver very clear instructions about what works and what doesn’t for the company.

Think about how you want them to welcome new clients or deal with older existing clients. Also, consider how you want to be updated with the progress of the answering service so you can keep tabs on developments.

  • Always Update them

Keeping receptionists updated on any changes going on within the firm or if key members of staff are on holiday is crucial. This practice ensures everything runs smoothly and there is no confusion amongst the receptionists.

Following the above tips will keep things flowing nicely and ensure you make the most out of your call answering service.

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